Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So Much To Catch Up On!!

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful!!  I originally was going to the beach with the girls from the Salon until I found out that my good friend Andrea’s bridal luncheon and Bachelorette Party was going to be on that Saturday…I just couldn’t miss that special day!  So my work schedule was a little different last week and I ended up having a 5 day weekend.  So what did I do with all my time?  Well, I caught up on house work, Friday night Football Game… Go Wolves, Hobby Lobby, Ross (Maddox didn’t let me shop too long!) Belk’s…got some great great deals!!  Made a banner, errands around town, Bridal luncheon, Bachelorette Party, Grocery shopping, Church, Visited a friend in the Hospital with her new baby, gave my Mammaw a perm, and…..does that cover it all…..nope…last but not least spent lots of quality time with Chris and Maddox!!!   Are you bored yet?  Hope not b/c here is the pictures to go along with some of it!

 IMG_4656 IMG_4657

Like a crazy person…I put this outfit on Maddox Thursday and it should have been worn Friday night to the ballgame!  Oh well!

IMG_7508 IMG_7509 IMG_7510 IMG_7511 IMG_7512 IMG_7513 IMG_7514 IMG_7515 IMG_7516

I love this picture!!!

IIMG_7517 IMG_7518

This was such a GREAT ballgame!! Lincolnton beat Southpoint 43-42 in overtime!!!  No one was predicting Lincolnton to win so it was a big upset to Southpoint Fans!!

Andrea’s Luncheon


Look how beautiful this table setup is!

 IMG_4664 IMG_4670

The food was sooooo good!!


The Bride to be and her neice to be…adorable!!


The mother-in-law to be, me the director and Emily the maid of honor


Bridesmaids and Honoraries


Mother of the bride, Honorary and Grandmother

Bachelorette Party!!

We had dinner at Red Rocks at Birkdale Village…it was delicious!!

 IMG_4689 IMG_4698 IMG_4699 IMG_4700 IMG_4702

Let the dares begin!! The first dare she drew out was to use the Men’s Restroom…hilarious!



She said there was a man in there taking a stinky!!


Such a good sport!!


She had to wear a whip cream mustache for 15 minutes!!

IMG_4771 IMG_4799

The toilet paper hanging out her dress looks like a wedding train.


Me and my beautiful sissy!

 IMG_4824 IMG_4826 IMG_4834

Here is the reason I went to Hobby Lobby…I made the banner!!  It was super easy and fun to make..I made it a lot quicker than I did Maddox’s birthday banner.

IMG_4836 IMG_4907

We played a Bachelorette version of!

IMG_4911 IMG_4916

This is half of the group…the ones that made it to 12:00


Welcome Karsyn Brooke!!!  My friend Melinda had her baby girl on Friday!  This makes her 3rd girl!  She is too precious!!




Maddox was soooo sleepy and in need of a nap really bad!!


Hmmm… this what we would look like as a family of 4????


Kimberley said...

Great post! Your little boy is so stinkin' cute!

That pinwheel at the bridal luncheon looks delish! I am laughing so hard at the men's bathroom and facial cream, it's all funny! What a fun idea! Good job on the banner!

kimmie said...

Thanks Kimberley!! The Dares were alot of fun!! I tried to find decent ones that were just funny..there were alot more but I just posted a few!

Erika said...

Stopping in from NFF!

Your lil' guy is SOOO cute!! Love the picture of him in the wheelchair!

Looks like you had a blast at the bachelorette party -- so fun, and great ideas! :)