Monday, September 13, 2010

Andrea’s Wedding and the rest of the Weekend!!

On Saturday September 11th one of my very dear friends got Married!!!  I am so excited for her and her new husband Shep!  The wedding was beautiful, Andrea was a Gorgeous, Radiant Bride and I had fun being the Director!!  I really missed my lil man b/c I seen him very little from Thurs to Saturday….but I have ate up every second of being with him yesterday and today.


The Bride and Groom!


Me and Heather…one of the bridesmaids and a former client who now is a hairstylist herself!!


Andrea and me


It’s time for hair!!

IMG_5166 IMG_5169

Me and Andrea always goof off in pictures!! love her!!


Always the kissy lips!!


The flower is the final touch!!

IMG_5175 IMG_5178 IMG_5183

Almost time for the Wedding March!!!  You can tell I was super busy b/c this is one of the only pictures I have before the wedding!


What better fun and workout than doing the cupid shuffle with a 30 something pound toddler on your hip!!


I couldn’t hang long enough to hold him while doing the electric slide!


Is it possible to get a family picture with Maddox looking?


Now he is clapping….


and clapping some more…


my sweet niece Tori


This is Tammy who I work with…she does my hair and is awesome at upstyles….she did some of the other girls in the wedding.

IMG_5205 IMG_5208

Andrea just glowed all night!!


One more shot at a family picture!!


Maddox is thinking….take me HOME…enough of this wedding stuff!!

Congratulations Shep and Andrea!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!

On with the rest of the weekend!  Sunday was a great day…We had to keep nursery at church and I was super happy about that because I got to  spend more time with my lil man..even though I hate I missed a great message by PT…I will have to order the DVD.  We also ate lunch with my good friend Keleigh and her husband…I was so glad to get to catch up with them and see her cute lil pregnant belly.  No pictures..forgot my camera.  The rest of the evening was rest and Maddox time!!

 IMG_5232 IMG_5238 IMG_5247 IMG_5254 IMG_5264

One of my clients gave me a card for a free McDonald’s Frappe so I decided to redeem it today… I made the mistake of letting Maddox have a sip of it…He LOVED It!!

IMG_5265 IMG_5267 IMG_5269 IMG_5271

He loves riding his Lightning McQueen car!!

 IMG_5280 IMG_5289

Well, it’s back to work tomorrow…I wish I had another day with M.  I just can’t get enough!! 

I started putting out some fall decorations tonight and I’m really excited about finishing on Wednesday!!! I’m loving the season change….just not so excited to be losing daylight…oh well…we can’t have it all!

Thank You God for all the blessings in my life… you be the Glory!!

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Kimberley said...

you did a beautiful job on the bride's hair - love it!! love your black/gold dress!! i think we all have family pictures just like that. they never want to look at the camera, but i think those are the best. great memories :)