Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football is in Full Force!!

So I’m really starting to get into some Football around here!! Between the Lincolnton Wolves and SC Gamecocks both being undefeated…it’s looking like a Great Season!!!  I’m getting cracked up at how much Maddox is already loving Football.  Of course with having a little boy, Chris was hoping that Maddox would like sports…especially football.  Well, I know he is only 15 months old but it’s looking like he may be a huge fan of the sport!  Maddox walks around most of the day with a football in his hand….he could care less about watching TV ever but when a football game is on, he stops what he is doing and stares at the TV…..when we say Down, Set…Hut….Maddox will get down in his football stance….too cute.  So you see what I mean….so far so good on liking football!! 

Here is an overview of our weekend!!

Maddox is looking for his favorite dog….BUD-Dy!!

IMG_5293 IMG_5295

There he is….even Buddy has Football Fever!!!

IMG_5298 IMG_5301

On Saturday…after I finished working we headed to the Apple Festival….unfortunately I only got a few pictures…it was just too overwhelming trying to get my camera out.  Here is Maddox watching Aunt La La and Uncle Nate sing at Freedom Church….the Church is on Main Street and they opened there doors for people to come in, cool off from the 90 degree weather and get rested up.  While they did that…they got to hear the amazing music of TAYLORMADE!!!  Also, I want to congratulate my hubs on completing his first 5k!!  I’m so proud of you and you inspired me to maybe think about doing one. ha!

IMG_5309 IMG_7521

Now lets back up to Friday night…Lincolnton played Shelby and came out with a big win!!!  We are 5-0 !!!! 

IMG_7523 IMG_7528

Maddox was sooo good!!  One thing that happened at the game that I was suprised by was…a friend asked Maddox, “where is Daddy?”  Maddox, turned his head around and started looking down on the football field like he was trying to scope him out.  I know that sounds like nothing but I have never really told Maddox Daddy was on the field….he just figured all that out on his own!  Too smart!!

IMG_7530 IMG_7535 IMG_7536

Kennan and Caine


Sweet Jennifer holding Maddox

IMG_7548 IMG_7549 IMG_7553

After the game…Maddox got to run out on the field to Daddy.  Now he should always know where Daddy is!! Ha!


Maddox on the way home from church…he played hard in the nursery!!


For old times sake…a picture of me and my man!!  You never out grow taking a picture of yourselves in the car at a stoplight! ha!


Going to the House of Pizza to meet some friends!

IMG_7559 IMG_7562

After supper, we headed to Brennan and Kim’s house to pick up Chris’s suprise!!! SC Gamecocks corn hole boards!!  Our friend Brennan makes the corn hole boards and he does such an amazing job!!  I got the boards for Chris as an Anniversary gift.  Our Anniversary is 2 weeks away but I just couldn’t wait!!!! I was too excited about them ….and I’m ready to play!!!


Right after I took this picture….I went to change Maddox’s diaper and he had done a blowout in his diaper that ranks in the top 5 blowouts ever! ha!  So if you take a look at the next picture….you will understand why he has no clothes on!!!


It’s been another FANTASTIC weekend!  Maddox turned 15 months on Saturday and I will do a separate post on that tomorrow!!

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Laura Taylor said...

I cant believe you didnt wait!!! hahaha Im sure he LOVED them! Did he know already?

Yall need to come over and play with us now!