Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Maddox makes Sugar Cookies!!

Every year it is my dream to have one day before Christmas that I am free to just get into the kitchen and make lots of goodies…and every year…it never happens Sad smile.  Fortunately this year  thanks to those sugar cookie mixes…I did find time to make those and was honored to have a sidekick helping me!!


We made them on Thursday night…after I had spent the whole day finishing up my shopping.

Maddox was so funny b/c he kept sneaking and eating cookie dough!  He is just like his Mommy!  I love me some cookie dough…I’d take them raw over baked any day! ha!

We decorated them Friday morning before I spent my whole day wrapping!


Maddox enjoyed decorating them too!  He would put a bunch of chocolate chips on a cookie and then eat just the chocolate chips off.


Ryder just took it all in…The time will be here sooner than I want it to be that he will be helping too.

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