Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wolves, Baby Food and Brothers at Play!!

I somehow missed posting this pic in my Thanksgiving post and it is just too cute not to blog so I’m throwing it in to this one!



On Saturday we headed to Raleigh for the NCHSAA State Championship Game.  It was such an exciting game!  Maddox did really well on the 3 hour trip there and the 3 hour trip back….he had one small meltdown at the ballgame but overall…he was a trooper!!027


Laura and Nathan were a HUGE help and such fun company.


We had a huge fan crowd that came…I think half of Lincolnton was there!!048069

It was such a close game and we were up by 4 with less than 4 minutes left in the game.  It was 4th and 9 and Tarboro thru a pass that led to a touchdown…bummer…we lost!!  I couldn’t help but think about how awesome it must have felt for those HS boys to make it to the Championship game and to get the opportunity to play at NC State’s stadium…I know they had to be living a dream!!  I know Chris probably felt the same way standing on the sideline getting to coach!! I am a proud wifey!!

We have been trying to feed Ryder baby food…he is not real into it yet but he is progressing with it! 


Where is Wolfey???


  Maddox is at the age he can really start understanding why we celebrate Christmas.  I want to do all I can for him to grow up celebrating the true meaning.  We just got the Little People Nativity scene for him to play with… Ryder had fun chewing on it.018

Tonight,  Maddox wanted to carry Ryder on his shoulders.  So Chris put him up there!!  They made a few laps around the house like this and it was hilarious!!  I wish I could have caught some of the looks Ryder had on his face….like..”what is going on here”. 


Gosh I just love all my boys!!!

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Olga said...

love these pictures! specially the ones with your husband playing with his boys!