Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ryder’s Christmas Pictures

I have yet to take Ryder to have professional pictures taken.  I take a ton of pics of him all the time so I feel there is no need to spend the money on someone else’s fancy camera to take his pictures when I can take them.  Problem is..I don’t edit and I’m no professional.  I tweak them a little in Picasa but very minimal. I have Photoshop Elements 8 but it overwhelms me when it comes to editing..I need a class on it!  But here is my Pinterest inspired photo shoot!


Above is Ryder and below is the Pinterst Picture.



I had fun doing these but it was very challenging b/c Maddox wanted to be naked and in them too.  There is just a big difference in a naked baby and a naked 2 year old! ha!  I do have some funny pictures for my viewing though!!


Anna & Kirby said...

Oh my goodness.... too cute! I love them! No need to spend the extra money, these are great!

Kimberley said...

you did a great job!!! and those rolls!!!! so cute!!! i want to take a bite :)

Sarah Bolynn said...

These are WAY better than your Pinterest find! How did you get the lighting so right in the naked pics?

Olga said...

haha!! So precious!! I like your picture way more then the pinterest one!! You go girl!

The Sinclairs said...

Those are great! Cutie PIE!!!!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

These turned out fantastic!! I think yours were better than the pinterest ones!!