Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th 2013

I know I’ve said it before…but the 4th is my favorite Holiday!!!

We have just had the craziest weather lately!  It is sunny one minute and raining the next…so unpredictable.  We always go to the lake on the 4th but not knowing if we would get to be outside…we changed our plans this year.  Thank goodness for a sister with a pool!!  We had a lazy day and then went over to Joy’s that evening.  We were able to swim in between pop up thunderstorms!

Mom brought her patriotic décor!



Maddox is full of new poses lately….this must be his tough guy pose!



Mom went around and got pictures with all of us holding the flag!  Great idea Mom…but we forgot to get one of you!!


There is something about this picture I just love….all the cousins…Stella in Laura’s belly….Caine talking to Maddox…the look on Ryder’s face!  All those things


This was our first adventure in the pool this summer.  Joy had muster algae and it took a while to get it cleared up.  We discovered that Maddox is very nervous in the pool and Ryder is a little dare devil.


The boy had no fear….he started jumping off without his floaties….I’m pretty sure if we spend very much time in the pool this summer…he will learn to swim!


The swimming wore this little one out!!

On the way home…we listened to the songs “Independence Day” and “Baby You’re a Firework” as we watched fireworks shooting up in the sky.  Maddox got so excited!  He said “those fireworks are so pretty when they light up the sky with color, I love fireworks!”

Friday…we were so lazy…we didn’t get out of our pj’s and I LOVED it!!  One of those days is GREAT every once in a while!

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