Sunday, July 28, 2013

July = Lots of Carowinds Trips!!

Four so far to be exact.

We are getting great use out of our Season Passes!

These following pics are from the last 3 trips.  I only took Maddox.  Wow…it is super easy only taking one child!  Ryder def made our previous trips a lot more challenging!  I have really enjoyed my one on one time with Maddox.  I think it has been great for the both of us. 

Last Monday we were on our way to Carowinds and I said “Maddox, what are you looking forward to most about today?”  I figured I would get an answer like…riding rides…seeing Blake and Beckham…going to the wave pool….one of the above.  But NO, much to my surprise ….my sweet little 4 year old son gave the BEST answer and the one ALL of us Mommys dream to hear….and his answer was….”Spending the Day with Mommy”!!!  You better believe I just melted….and he could have had anything he wanted! haha!

We have our routine down perfect when we go.  Maddox always has to have his pic made here before we go into the park.  I love it!!

july 2013 002july 2013 004

Riding the sky tower…looking for Amber, Blake and Rachel.

july 2013 018

The helicopters

july 2013 020july 2013 022july 2013 023july 2013 029

Rachel is one of the cutest and sweetest 9 year olds I know!!

july 2013 051

We even ventured to the water park.  Maddox LOVES the wave pool!  I think we will have to plan a trip to just do the water park soon!

july 2013 053july 2013 055

The following Monday we met Amber, Blake, Krista and Beckham

july 2013 214

Pirate ships

july 2013 235

Cute Boys!!!

july 2013 257

I pray that Maddox will grow up and always have sweet friends like he does now! 

Yesterday we had a Carowinds date with Bonnie and Kali.  Maddox and Kali have always got along so great and yesterday was no exception.  (although I had to keep reminding Maddox to be more gentle with Kali….she’s a girl) .  After a couple hours the bottom fell out and it poured rain on us but we still had a blast.

july 2013 326july 2013 328july 2013 335

Riding the balloons.

july 2013 337

Getting ready to fly high on the gliders.

july 2013 341

Scooby Doo Roller Coaster!  (that was the name of it when I was little so I still call it that)

Kali just laughed and laughed…it was her first time…she wasn’t tall enough last year.

july 2013 342july 2013 344

Kali loved all the rides!! 

july 2013 345july 2013 355

We took cover under this umbrella and ate lunch while a few of the heavy showers moved thru.

july 2013 368

I was thankful that Maddox let me wear his hat when it started raining and even more thankful it somewhat fit me! 

I love making all these sweet memories!!

Sweet Summertime!!!

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