Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet Summertime!!!

Playing catch up!

So besides Carowinds….we have been

going to birthday parties…

july 2013 114 - Copy

The first one was for Taylor at the Splash Pad.  Taylor is TWO!!  So hard to believe our boys are 2!! 

july 2013 118 - Copy

I love that Annabelle in Andrea’s belly stars in this photo too!!

july 2013 120 - Copyjuly 2013 123 - Copy

I couldn’t put this little cutie pie down!  Mr. Harrison….so sweet!!!

july 2013 174

Cupcakes and popsicles….it doesn’t get much better than that!


july 2013 131 - Copy

Party number TWO

Beckham turns EIGHT!!

july 2013 177

More cake and more water!!

_MG_5654 - Copy - Copy

little man watching the big boys intently

_MG_5661 - Copy - Copy

I am so proud of Maddox and how far he has progressed in the pool.  On July 4th he was so nervous and had to hold on to us. Two weeks later…my sister tagged me in an IG video and in the video Maddox ran and jumped in the water…WITH NO FLOATIES…and swam to the steps!!! What??  I was blown away and so proud of him.  He is not ready to swim w/out his floaties permanently but he definitely proved he could do it!!

_MG_5663 - Copy - Copy_MG_5666 - Copy - Copy

Taking advantage of the action figures laying beside the pool.  We haven’t started buying the boys action figures yet.

july 2013 171

Lane and Ryder… cousins!!!

Outside of Carowinds and birthday parties….we have been spending lots of time outside.

Playing with bubbles!!

_MG_5678 - Copy - Copy_MG_5684 - Copy - Copy_MG_5686 - Copy - Copy_MG_5690 - Copy - Copy

And of course playing inside with

….monster trucks!

_MG_5702 - Copy - Copy_MG_5705 - Copy - Copy

Maddox takes his Monster Truck collection very seriously!!

_MG_5707 - Copy - Copy

_MG_5712 - Copy - Copy

My little ham!!

_MG_5713 - Copy_MG_5722 - Copy_MG_5737 - Copy

Monster Trucks loaded up and ready to go!!

That’s it for now….yall come back now!

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Kimberley said...

what a fun party! and that monster truck collection is hilarious!