Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catch up time!!!!

So this past weekend was super busy…so busy it wore down my family and they have been under the weather.  I’m praying hard I don’t catch that yucky virus…pregnancy nausea is enough for me.

Last Saturday we headed down to our neighbors house for a 40th Surprise Birthday party.  Our neighbor who lives right beside of us…David was the birthday boy and we had fun eating hot dogs and watching Little Man entertain everybody. 


We tied the balloon to his zipper…that was the trick!

Sunday was my High School girlfriend get together.  The six of us have been getting together every year for 13+ years now….the group use to be a little larger but one good friend is a missionary in China and others were just not as this is the core group!!  We always have such a blast when we get together….we usually take turns hosting the party at one of our houses but this year we decided to go to Birkdale for some shopping and to eat at Red Rocks!  It was a good change…it was just FREEZING COLD outside!


This was some awesom Spinach Dip!!! I should have got a before pic!


Oreo Cheescake….yummy!!  We split this piece between the 4 of us…it was just enough!


Annie T finishing it off!


Jennifer picked my dirty Santa gift!  The Drake Lantern from Southern Living at Home


Monday night, I got together with my Shear Options girls…who I miss very much.  We also have our Christmas tradition of getting together and eating, laughing, playing games, exchanging gifts and having a fun time!!  Rachel hosted the party this year and she made some awesome steak and chicken kabobs!


Callie said she has psychic powers and could predict the sex of my baby.  She used a needle and thread…it was the craziest thing I have ever seen!


It told me I was having 2 kids….my first a boy…which is correct and then…..drumroll please……………..a GIRL!!!  You can see my reaction in the picture.  I wouldn’t typically believe this kind of stuff but it was accurate on everyone there.  So…we will see in 7 weeks if it is right or not!!


This game Dirty Minds was hilarious….a great girls night game!!


There always has to be our goofy pic!!!

Such a fun 3 days…after I got home Monday night….Maddox was already in  bed asleep and about 10:30 he started crying.  Chris rushed into his room b/c he never wakes up like that…and he had thrown up…so the rest of our night consisted of looking after a sick little boy.  It was so pitiful….luckily we have never had to deal with that until now.  I think, that was my first sleepless night since he was born.  So now Chris has round 2 of whatever this crud is.  So say a prayer Mama don’t get sick!!!

Also, I haven’t given an update on my Salon change. Well, it lasted a whole 3 weeks and I am already back in Lincolnton.  Crazy right?  I just was not happy.  I struggled with my decision to come back because I felt so strongly that I was suppose to go.  But, maybe I was suppose to go just for the few weeks.  I know that God is in control and he sees the big plan….so I’m just trusting in him.  My room at Shear Options was already promised out to someone else so I am now at a new salon called Rosh and Company.  I am adjusting very well and feel a lot better!  Life is too short to be unhappy…especially in work.  I have always loved what I do and want it to stay that way!!


Casey Martinez said...

looks like you guys have been busy and all the girl time looks heavenly! Sorry to hear your little guy is sick! My boo boo had a rough night a few months back and she slept on my chest all night. It is awful when our kiddos are sick. Hope the new salon continues to be a blessing and good for you for seeking out a place that you enjoy being at. Settling is never a fun thing! :-)

Olga said...

What a fun time with girlfriends!! I love all your outfits and earings, BEAUTIFUL!

Poor little man, it is very hard one your little one is sick =(