Wednesday, December 29, 2010

18 Month Update

I know I’m a little behind on this post but we just took Maddox for his 18 month well visit yesterday.  His check up went well and the doctor said he is doing great!! 


I said your visit went well….minus all the times you cried! ha!

Maddox you weigh 31 lb 12 oz and 34.5 in tall…this puts you in the 95 and 98 percentiles!  You are the size of an average 28 month old! 

You are in size 2T and some 3T tops.  You wear a size 6 shoe and we have now graduated you to size 5 diapers!!  You have started loving hats and we have to get almost a youth size in those b/c the toddler sizes are just too small! ha!

You have started doing so much cute stuff in the past month….everyday is something new!!  Your vocabulary has just exploded…you say all kinds of words now and try to mimic what we say.  It is just too stinkin cute!! You point to Mommy’s belly and say Bebe!!   You like to say everybody's name that is in our family…..when you don’t get your way with me or Chris…you start calling out all their names like they are going to come and give you what you want!!

You get up and down the stairs really well just holding my hand.  When we say jump….you jump and both feet actually come off the ground! 

You have started to get a bad sweet tooth!  You can spot a candy jar a mile away!  Other than that you eat pretty good and can feed yourself using a fork or spoon…usually the fork.


This was right before you got your shots!!  You just didn’t know what was coming…bless your heart.  You were pitiful.

Daddy captured the pitifulness…poor thing.


Kirby and Anna said...

Goodness gracious... bless his heart! He's a cutie :)

Kimberley said...

kimmie, that brought tears to MY eyes! i hate it when they get shots! levi got his 6mos shots this week, broke my heart!