Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Eve is probably my most favorite day of the year!!!  I love the anticipation and excitement the day brings.  I also love our new tradition that we have had going on for 3 Christmas’s now.  We have our family get together at my house and I just love everyone coming over!!  We start our night off around 5 and the evening is packed with fun until we start winding down around 11.

Here are a few things we do…..

eat, eat , eat and then eat some more

enjoy watcahing the kids open their gifts

attend a communion service with my mawmaw at her church

play games

dirty santa

take lots of pictures

and this year we had so much fun listening to some beautiful acoustic Christmas tunes by Laura and Nate and laughing our head off at Joy and Nate singing a duet!!!

I think this Christmas Eve was probably one of the best b/c we also had the anticipation of snow!!!

Now I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!


First of all my day started off with my sweet friend Emily coming by.  She brought us lunch and then we exchanged Christmas gifts.  I just can’t say enough about Emily…she is truly one of the best friends anyone can have.  I was so lucky to meet her in the 6th grade!


Laura and Moma


Kevin, Tori and Caine…..getting the night started off right!!


By the look on my face….I think I was more excited about his shoes!!


I wish I had a picture of Chris when Maddox opened up this gift….he was so excited!!!


My mom got this gift confused…can you tell….she thought since she couldn’t find SC Gamecock coasters that Clemson would be fine! Ha!  The men gave her such a hard time!!


Sweet Times!!


My precious MawMaw!!


Laura playing us some tunes on her new Hummingbird guitar!!


Well, this concludes Christmas Eve….more Christmas blogs to come!!


Kimberley said...

great pictures and even better memories! love your headband!! so cute! wish i could pull off that look :)

Olga said...

Fun times!! Girl, you always dress so nice! I love the headband super cute!