Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maddox’s First Trip to the ER…:(

This morning while getting ready for church, Maddox did the one thing I have always worried about him doing.   He grabbed my 450 degree flat iron and burn his hand. 


As a Mom, you try to do all you can do to prevent things like this but sometimes, you can be standing right there with your child and in the blink of an eye, the damage is done.  It was so pitiful.  We called his Pediatrician’s office and they were full for today so we took him on to the ER.  He has a second degree burn across the palm of his hand and a possible third degree burn in one area.  We have to take him to see a Plastic Surgeon this week to see if he will need anything done.  So I need lots of prayers going out for him that his little hand will heal very quickly and that he doesn’t have to go thru more.


He was such a trooper today….he did so good at the ER and he has been just carrying on as normal, being his playful little self!  We have give him all the “can cane” (candy cane) he has wanted today.  (he calls all candy, can cane)  It’s hard to resist when he ask in that sweet little voice!!

I hope everyone has had a less eventful Sunday!!


Casey Martinez said...

oh NO!!! I am so sorry!! There is one thing I am learning fast that I don't handle well and it is when my little girl gets hurt. I thought I would be strong and keep it together but, I'm a wreck...I feel for you!! That must have been hard on both of you! Poor little guy. I pray that his hand heals up well on it's own and that the pain is gone fast!!

Diana Smith said...

awww poor little guy!! Thats so sad, I hope I don't have to do that for a while with my little one!

The Smith Circle

The Broome's said...

Ouch!!! I hate to hear this. Bless his little heart. Hopefully he will not need anything else done to it. Will be thinking of you guys.

Kimberley said...

oh my goodness!! bless his sweet little heart!! i've had that same fear with Jacob. poor baby! will be praying!!

Olga said...

Poor little guy!! I will keep him in my prayers!

Kirby and Anna said...

aww... poor guy! prayin' for your little man.

Jocelyn McCarn said...

Kim, That's so scarey! I hope Maddox is doing better! We will definelty be praying for him and I will see you this week! Love you!