Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Wow, what a busy but GREAT Valentines Day!! My day started this morning with a few tears!!  I think it must have been my pregnancy hormones kicking in.  Two weeks ago, Maddox went to Mother’s Morning Out for the first time and we both did great.  This morning….me….not so great!  This was Maddox’s second time going and I dropped him off instead of walking him in….He Didn’t Even Look Back when the sweet lady took him out of his car seat and carried him in!  Luckily, I only had about 3 minutes to think about it and I was at my next destination….the Salon!!!  We had a Redken Color Class this morning so my mind was quickly taken off of my growing up little man.

Chris got home  from work and we headed to the Olive Garden for dinner! We were there by 5 hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded yet.   Maddox did so good in the restaurant and it was a very pleasant experience…not to mention the food was soooo good!!!  I loved getting to go on a date with my two Valentines!!

When we got home….we had Maddox a Valentine Treat!!


Maddox had a Valentine’s Party at MMO….here is his goody bag with all his cute Valentines and candies!!IMG_7518IMG_7519IMG_7522IMG_7527IMG_7533



I just have to share what happened to these cupcakes…I was taking them to work this morning and they got dumped over in the container!!!  Oh well, they still tasted delicious!!

Oh yeah!! Did I mention it was 71 degrees and beautiful today?  I now have Spring Fever really bay!!!

Hope everyone’s had a Great Valentine’s Day!!!


Casey Martinez said...

I am a sucker for babies in footy jammies..I think my daughter will be wearing them until she is 15! hahaha;0. I love that you got him a goody bag! I almost did for Daisy but figured I'd wait till next year. I want to go to olive garden now too! yum!! ;0. Happy V day to you guys!

Kimberley said...

he is precious in his valentine shirt! love me some OG!

p.s. you asked about Jacob's shirt, i wasn't sure which you were referring to, so i'll tell you where i got both. :) the one he wore yesterday was from Walmart and the one he and Levi shared as a baby is from Old Navy.