Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Girl’s Night….(plus Maddox)

Saturday night, Me, Laura, Joy, Tori, Mom and Maddox went to eat at a Mexican Restaurant in Charlotte called Cantina 1511.  They serve Authentic Mexican food and the atmosphere made me feel like I was on a cruise!   It was funny because I have had 3 different clients tell me about it within the last week and I had never heard of it before then…so I felt I should go!!  Since the hubby doesn’t like Mexican, who better to go with than my family!!


I had worked a 3 day stretch and hadn’t got to see Maddox very much so I decided to take him with me.  Chris went to Greensboro for the State Wrestling Tournament.


Mom, Joy and Tori had been in Concord all day for Tori’s cheerleading competition.  Her team came in first place!!!  Congratulations Tori!!!  They are having an AMAZING season with all their wins!!


Me and my beautiful Mommy!!


Maddox was so sleepy because he had not had much of a nap…he was loving on Aunt LaLa!!


Hands to the hair…she is loving it!

Sunday we made it to church with no burn incidents to send us to the ER instead!! Yay!  After church we enjoyed the beautiful……84 DEGREE WEATHER!!!!  It was a record high for that day!!  I love being outside in my t-shirt and flip flops and not getting cold!!! I pray it stays warm and doesn’t turn cold again!!!!

Hope everyone had and awesome weekend!!!

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Olga said...

Sounds like a great day with fam ;)

You look so pretty(as always)!