Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Praise Report!!

Maddox had an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon today and we received GREAT NEWS!!  His burn is only a second degree burn and his hand will heal just fine on its own!!! 

We celebrated this good news by going to the park and swinging!!


The weather was only in the high 50’s today but it was so nice outside!!  Compared to the cold winter we have had the 50’s feels so warm!


I’m not sure what this thing is…but it was tilted and spun around just by Maddox sitting in it.  He loved it for about 10 seconds and then he said…”off”.  When I got him off….bless his heart…he was so dizzy he couldn’t walk!!

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers!! I’m so glad to know who the GREAT PHYSICIAN is!!


Kimberley said...

praise the lord! wonderful news!

Olga said...

Thats such great news! praise God!

Casey Martinez said...

That is WONDERFUL news!! So glad to hear it!!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

I am so glad you found my blog!!! We do have a lot in common! It's crazy girl. I wish you guys lived closer so we could get together. I am also excited to follow your blog and can't wait to see the new baby. I was curious what you were gonna name him so I looked through your post and found it!! Love it. My little Cruz's middle name is also Thomas!! Very cute!!! I love Ryder. It's a cool name. He will for sure have swagger!!! lol

Kirby and Anna said...

Good news... so happy for him! I received a blog award and passed the love along to you. I love your blog and think it's neat we have a connection with Jocelyn.