Saturday, February 5, 2011

Maddox’s Adventure to Discovery Place Kids!!!

One of my clients told me about Discovery Place kids a few weeks ago and I have been wanting to take Maddox every since!!  So today was one of those rare Saturdays that I was not working and we did not have any other plans so it was the perfect day for it!!! 

We called up our good friends Krista and Matthew to see if they would like to take Elan and Beckham.  The more the merrier!!!  We started off our adventure by stopping for lunch at Showmars…then off to DP Kids!

IMG_7270IMG_7273IMG_7275 - CopyIMG_7276IMG_7279 - Copy

This is Beckham in the ambulance!!


Chris’s Company actually did the plumbing on the building….he said that the fire truck was already sitting in this same spot and they constructed the building around it…pretty neat!!


I think Maddox was a little nervous around the fake Fireman!!


This was the underwater world section…he is riding a Dolpin!!  He wouldn’t go into the submarine…he was feeling a little overwhelmed!!


He loved playing the “phone”.  He tries to say xylophone!!IMG_7305IMG_7312

Matthew is such a nut….that’s why we are all friends!!! We love to cut up!!



Matthew’s portrait of Chris!!  Personally, I think Chris is way hotter!!

RACE CAR Time!!!


Go Maddox Go!!!


Time to fly the plane!!


This is a view from the upstairs!


I do think this section was Maddox’s favorite!! BALLS!!!! He got to play with a ball!!  Have I ever mentioned how much he LOVES Balls!! (So much that we had to leave a HS Basketball game last Wed night b/c he was throwing a tantrum wanting the basketball the teams were playing with!!)


He also loved riding this little bumble bee!!


It  was going on 2:30 and nap time was way past due….he was starting to wear down!!


But not before a little house play with Elan!!


Imagine that…..he fell asleep on the way home!!  All the fun had to catch up with him at some point!!!

It’s been a Blessed day with family and friends….can’t wait for tomorrow! Church and then LaLa’s house for some Super Bowl!!!!  She is theming it “Souper Bowl” and we will have a variety of soups and appetizers….cute idea!!  Details to come!!!


Kimberley said...

that looks like a fun place! i would love to take jacob to something like that, he would go nuts over the firetruck! :) maddox on that little bumble bee was sooo cute :)

The Sinclairs said...

Isn't that place the coolest? There is so much to do there. We had a ball when we went there too.

Summer and Matt said...

I can't believe we are both gonna have two boys at almost the same age! Soooo wild!!!! We both really thought it was a girl but we were so wrong! We don't have any names yet! Do ya'll have a name?

Renae said...

Looks like a cool place to take kids, where is this place located at?