Monday, February 21, 2011

22 Weeks and 20 Month Updates

This post is a few days late but on February 18th I finished up my 22nd week and Maddox turned 20 months old!!!


Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 22 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby R is the size of a Navel Orange!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 22 lbs (Shhhhh…..don’t tell nobody!)

Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans and pants but everything else is regular.

Gender: It's a Boy!!! Ryder Thomas Carrigan

Movement: I am starting to feel lots of little movements and kicks….love it!! 

Sleep: GREAT!

What I miss: Wearing my Big Star Jeans

Cravings: Something sweet at night

Symptoms: More frequent Bathroom Trips! Ha!

Best Moment this week: My Doctor’s Appointment today..hearing the heartbeat and picking out his crib!

Maddox is 20 Months Old!!

So Maddox, What are you up to???

Well, we found out as of yesterday, you weighed in at 34 lbs!  You are such a chunk of lead and I’m starting to struggle lifting and carrying you!  Thank goodness you would rather walk on your own, we just need to teach you how to crawl in and out of your crib!! You are still in 2T clothing and wear 6-7 in shoes.


You are such a sweet sweet boy.  You have started answering us in Yes and No answers and even when you say “No”  it sounds so sweet!!!  I’m sure that won’t last forever but for now, we don’t mind hearing it.  When you say “yes”  you always say “Oh Yeah”  it’s too funny and I hope you always say it that way!


You are definitely all boy but you listen very well!  When you do something you shouldn’t and we have to get on to you…we can tell you take it to heart.  You are probably going to be very tender hearted like your Mom and Dad!


Your vocabulary is out the roof now!!  You talk so much!  You mimic a lot of the words you here!  Everyday is  new words.  You are starting to put some words together like, “play ball”, “bye bye Nana”, “Big Truck” and “Caine School”.


You make Mommy laugh out loud everyday and that says a lot.  (Mommy doesn’t laugh out loud at just anything.)  It has to be pretty funny!!

We were taking you to the ER yesterday and one of your favorite CD’s (Cofey – christian acoustic/reggae) was on…as soon as the music to one of the songs started you started saying “ Hey, Hey, Hey”.(it was even in the right rhythm)  How did you know that was the song that said that?  I have listened to that CD at least 100 times and I don’t know that I would have known that was the right song with the “hey” part!


I’m going to have to start writing down things throughout the month…you are doing so many new things now and changing so fast…I get overwhelmed trying to think of all them to put in your update!


Last but not least, here is your blistered up “BooBoo” that you have done so well with.  We have to keep your hand wrapped up at all times unless we are changing your dressing. The sight of this just makes me cringe.  When I first saw how blistered it was last night, I about passed out.  I definitely  could have never been a nurse but I will do whatever I need to do when it comes to taking care of you!  We love you so much and you could never ever know how much Joy you bring to us each and everyday! 



Olga said...

awe... his poor little boo boo =( .

You look great prego!

Kimberley said...

you look great! and 22lb gain? can't tell at all!

i just weighed jacob who will be 4 next month and he weighed 35lbs! when i read maddox weighed 34lbs that made me laugh! he is a little linebacker. :) oh ouch, his poor little hand. makes me hurt just looking at it.

Casey Martinez said...

oh my that blister made my stomach flip and churn. That would be hard for me to treat as well. You are a super mama and look great!! 22pounds seems really hard to believe you tiny thing you! ;0.