Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 4 Months Ryder!!

My little Ryder Bear turned 4 months yesterday!!  How is that possible??


I just can’t get enough of this little fellow!  He truly has my heart!  I ADORE!


Ryder.. you

  • are around 16lbs now (we will get an exact weight at your check up on Wednesday)
  • are in size 2 diapers
  • I bought you some Tom’s that are size 2…they are a little big on you but I wanted you to be able to wear them all Winter.
  • are in 3-6 month clothes


You haven’t started rolling over yet but I don’t think it will be long…you are starting to do that twist movement that leads to rolling over.  Mommy is just not ready for you to do it yet!


You are an awesome sleeper…you go to sleep around 9 and sleep until about 8.  You usually take a 30 min nap around 10ish and then a long nap around 1..that one last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours!  Sometimes you take another quick nap in the evening.


You have been drooling like crazy lately…could you be getting ready to cut a tooth?  You love to suck on your fingers and especially your thumb…I think you prefer your thumb over your paci!


You are eating 6oz of formula every 3 hours and we put a little rice cereal in your night time bottle.  I’m sure the Dr will tell me to start you on baby food…I know you will love it….but once again…I’m not ready for you to be to that stage already. tear.


You love your Bumbo, swing, play mat and being propped up in the corner of the couch.  It won’t be long before we break out the doorway jumper…hmmm..I’m not ready for that either.


You smile A LOT!!  All I have to do is look at you and grin or talk to you and you give me a big adorable smile!  You have 2 tiny dimples in the corners of your mouth…so cute!  You are still just laid back as can be!


I think your eyes are going to stay blue and your hair is lightning up…it’s starting to look like it could be blonde.


You LOVE watching your Big Brother!!  You have really started to pay him a lot of attention and he is starting to pay you a lot of attention.  He doesn’t like to share his things very much but we are working with him on that!


Blowing bubbles is your new trick!  You are ticklish and it gets you laughing every time!!  Gosh I just Love you!!

I know this is Ryder’s post but I have to add in a story about Maddox for my records.  I forgot to put it in yesterdays post and it is really important.  After church, we ran thru McDonald’s and got lunch to eat on the way to Lazy 5.  Chris said “let’s pray” and Chris started to say his normal food prayer but as soon as he started it  Maddox started saying “God is Good, God is Great, Let us thank him for our food, by his hands, we all are fed, give us lord our daily bread, AMEN!!”  We could have cried!!!    We pray over our food at home but we forget to say that prayer.  We couldn’t believe he knew the whole prayer! Thank You Nana for saying that prayer with him.  It was too cute and very touching to hear coming out of my little 28 month old boy!


I love them to pieces!  Thank You God for My Sweet Boys!


Kimberley said...

oh he's precious!!! i want to cuddle with him!

the story of maddox praying got me teary eyed. sweet boy!!

The Broome's said...

He is just so precious!!! Time passes by so quickly. It's hard to belive. Both the boys are so cute.