Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elynd’s Barbie 1st Birthday Party!!

Saturday we went to one of the cutest parties I have ever seen!!  Baby E’s first Birthday Party!!  The theme was vintage Barbie and it was all so adorable!! This was the view when you walked into the party!!  A PINK Carpet Runway of course!!  Keleigh put so many little details into this party, I know Elynd will look back to her pictures and video of it one day and high five her Mom for throwing such a fun bash!!


As soon as we walked in, Maddox b-lined it to the ball pit!! He loves balls!  Or maybe it was the cute little girls playing in the balls that drew his attention!


Little Ryder just took it all in!!


Now for a few party details…how cute is this?? 


Here is Keleigh’s shirt…”Move Over Barbie” Elynd’s #1


The food table and check out this pineapple palm tree…how neat is that!!!


The candy table!!


The party was held in the upstairs of William Henry Signature Salon in Mt Holly.  It is just one big open room, perfect for a party!!


I actually made the wreath for Keleigh’s baby shower.  I forgot to take a picture of it then so I got a second chance!!


Cake time!!


The party favors.  Barbie necklaces, star sunglasses, and bags of hershey kisses!


One of the cutest details of the party was the Barbie boxes!!  She had a kid one and an adult one.  Here is Maddox in the kid one.  He was too interested in opening his hershey kisses and eating them than having his picture made.


Me and Jocelyn! She is due with her second baby boy in March and just looks absolutely radiant!!  She is just a precious person and I am loving how our friendship is growing!  Our boys are and will all be close in age so I’m looking forward to seeing them all become buddies!



This is the Gigi’s!!  I know they don’t look old enough, right?  I love them!


This is the centerpeice for the table…they all had one!


We already have Baby E and Maddox in an arranged marriage so we have to keep the picture of them together going for their wedding slide show!! ha!


Me and the Birthday girl!!!


Elynd was wanting off of Maddox’s lap to go hang out with this other little fellow.  Oh my…the brothers may end up fighting for her.  As long as one of them ends up with her this Mommy will be just fine with it!!


This is the salon downstairs…the one that I worked at for 3 weeks!  It sure is beautiful!


Such a fun party!  I can’t believe Baby E will be 1 on October 26th…I guess we will have to drop the Baby from her name..tear. 

Happy Birthday Elynd!!!


Pastor Tim McCarn said...
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Jocelyn McCarn said...

You took great pictures KIM! I love the photo of us and I love you too! You are a wonderful friend! :)

Jocelyn McCarn said...

Sorry that first comment I didn't realize I was under my hubby's name :)

Katie said...

What an adorable party! So sweet & girlie! I love it! I am in love with your hair!! I am totally having hair envy! :]