Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, I was with my boys all day, Fall is here and I have had a productive day!! So what else am I loving??

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As mentioned in many previous post…I AM NOT A COOK!!  Wish I was, but I’m not, so lately I have been tearing up some crockpot meals and I think  I am becoming addicted to it!!  It’s just so easy and usually everything turns out pretty good!  Not to mention, it fills my house all day with a nice yummy aroma!!  It fits nicely into my life!!



After several weeks of attempting to decorate for Fall, I finally was able to check it off my list!!  I didn’t buy any new decorations this year so I just tried to change things up from last year. I’m LOVING the coziness these Fall decorations bring to our home!



The pictures of my mantle are kind of deceiving…I have to keep it real and show what is underneath!!   I really am trying to make peace with all the toys that continually clutter every room of my house…for one day they will not be there and I will miss them.  I will REALLY miss that sweet baby stage where they can still be in a swing!!



I’m not really loving that this candy basket is empty…but baby weight loss and Halloween candy just don’t mix well.


I am also loving that Stanley Steemer came and cleaned our carpets and  sofa this morning…it makes the whole house feel fresh and clean!!!

Hope everyone has had a great Wednesday!!

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