Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harrison’s B-Day Party, Hair Show and Maddox Used the Potty!!!

This past weekend was another full one!  On Saturday I worked til noon and then me and little Ryder went on our first shopping adventure.  He did great…I hope he enjoys shopping more than Maddox does.  If not, I completely understand…I drive myself crazy sometimes when shopping!  After shopping…we met Chris and Maddox at Harrison’s B-day party!002

Somer and Ryder


Harrison’s Angry Bird cake…I think that was one of the best pieces of b-day cake I have ever ate!


Somer and her little man Liam!  He is such a cutie….he has some gorgeous eyes!!


Keleigh and Ryder


The cute little birthday boy!! He turned 4!!


I always have to get a picture of sweet baby Elynd.  Her first b-day is coming up soon!!


Harrison’s Mommy…Melissa. 

Sunday was the big Charlotte Hair Show so I met up with all the girls I work with and we spent the day getting our CEU hours and checking out all the latest hair trends!!  I could have gone back to the show on Monday but I have to admit that I was home sick.  When I’m away from the boys on days that I’m usually with them..I start missing them really bad!!!

Sunday after I got home from the Hair Show…Chris had fixed spaghetti for super and we were just finishing up eating when Maddox out of the blue decides he wants to use the potty…and he did!!!  It was just #1 and he proceeded to do #2 in the living room floor but HE DID #1…yay!!  I know that is TMI but I have to have this info down for my records!!  We have not been pushing the whole potty training thing much b/c my thought on it is…when he’s ready…he’s ready.  I am not willing to go thru lots of accidents when he’s just not ready.  Sunday night may have just been a one time deal and he may show no more interest for a while…but it was  a start!  Did I mention I was so excited when he did it that I ended up knocking my plate of spaghetti off the table..into Ryder’s lap and all over the floor….I did. But it didn’t even matter b/c my Maddox had pee peed in the potty!!!


Seriously…how could you not miss these cuties!!


I got my fix being at home with them all day…hopefully that will get me thru the next 2 work days!


Meredith said...

I love the pic of the boys on the couch together! Too sweet!! Tosha could make you and adorable hat. I just sent her some pics off Etsy and she had it back in a week for only !5 bucks!! Thanks for your help the other week on hair color. I talked to my stylist and she got my highlights much closer to my head and didn't use a toner!! Thanks LOVE!

Kimberley said...

yea maddox!! that is awesome!! my only piece of advice and it sounds like you already know, is not to push it. that will drive you Cra-zay-zee if they are not ready. jacob was 3yrs and 2mos before he showed any interest! i never thought it would happen, but when it did, it went off without a hitch. and he's never had an accident, knock on wood! :)

Silvy said...

hey! thanks for the sweet comment. i get most of their clothes from children's place and gymboree...always on mega sale! actually i've seen a few shirts on maddox and ryder that parker and pax have! i always think that is funny, but there aren't that many cute boys clothes out there!

Kimberley said...

i must apologize, i just realized that i spelled your name wrong on my post. it has been corrected, all is well. :) i hope we can still be friends! ;)