Monday, October 3, 2011

If I Could Make A Living Out of Loving You…

I’d be a millionaire in a week or two…I’d be doing what I Love and Loving what I do…If I could make a living out of loving you!

I’ve had on my mind a lot lately how much I want more time at home with my boys…and for some reason that old country song popped into my mind!!  I sure wish Love was enough to get me some more hours a week with my loves!  I know the situation is in God’s hands and he will work it all out according to his plans!!


I am sooooo thankful that my Mom keeps them when I work but that doesn’t change the fact I miss them and that by the end of the day…my heart feels home sick for them.015022029032040042044

Okay…sorry for all the whining.

Here is what we’ve been up to! Last Monday we went to Caine’s ballgame!!


Papaw and Ryder!!

I got to utilize my 55-300 mm lens!!


Caine is becoming quite the little baseball player!!  I’m so proud of him!!


I am sitting on the bleachers behind home plate and Caine is on 3rd base….can you believe how close the pic is!!


There is a bunch of cuteness going on here!!


I was in the kitchen and Maddox said “Mommy look”, so I walked into the living room and he had put this football in Ryder’s lap.  Maddox was so excited and Ryder was doing so good holding onto it….Maddox told me to take a picture (he has me figured out)….it was a sweet moment!!

Wednesday, Andrea and Taylor stopped by for a visit! I can’t get over how fast our babies are growing. Taylor is just as big as Ryder and he is 3 weeks younger.


I checked the mail on Wed and I had a fun package of some new leg warmers!!  I love some baby leg warmers!!  I like to order mine from My Little Legs…they have some really cute ones and the more you order…the cheaper the price!!


How funny is this face!!


In the words of my blog friend Kimberley…..I Die!! (at the cuteness of those baby feet!!)

Hope everyone’s week has started off GREAT!!


Kimberley said...

oh i want a nibble on those sweet little feet!!! you got some great pictures!!!! his little sandals are precious!!! you've got 2 handsome little fellas on your hands!! ;)

Kari Beth said...

birks? no way! so stinkin' cute :)

precious boys! and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving an encouraging comment!