Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Parties and Anniversary Weekend!!

Last weekend we were super busy celebrating birthdays and Chris and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary!! 

I worked on Saturday and then we headed to cute little Brayden’s first Birthday party!! 


Maddox had a “ball” playing in the balls!!


The Birthday Boy!!


Keleigh, Darion, Jocelyn and Me


We used little Ryder as a table.


Chris and the youth pastor Eric love to pick around with each other and wrestle.


All of a sudden the whole back yard heard a big scream and crying!!  It was my Maddox…he gets so upset when people wrestle his Daddy.  I guess he thinks they are really fighting.  It’s kind of pitiful and hilarious all at the same time.


Maddox enjoyed his cupcake and what is even funnier…he ended up with about 3 colors of icing on his face by the end of the party.  I think he was snatching other peoples cupcakes too!


Saturday evening we stayed in and watched the Gamecocks get beat by Auburn…boo!

Sunday was our 12 year wedding anniversary!!  Aunt Jay Jay and Unc Kev kept M and R for us.  We originally planned to go to the mountains for the day but we ended up going shopping for the boys some winter clothes!  We started out with a nice big breakfast from Cracker Barrel and ended up in Gaffney at the Prime Outlets.  It was a great day of quality time with my oldest Baby!!  I am so thankful for Chris and all that he does for our family.


We headed back to Joy’s in time to celebrate with all the rest of the family for Tori’s Birthday!! She turned the big 8 on September 30th!!  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up…seems like last year we were celebrating her 1st Birthday!


Caine is growing up so fast too.  He just keeps getting more handsome every day!!


Maddox had sugar overload this weekend!!


Ryder has on his “Star of Mommy’s Blog” bib!!


My crazy family….we love to cut up and show off the food we are chewing in pictures!! ha!


I get this look a lot from my hubby…thankfully…he just lets me be!!


I think Ryder looks more like me…what do y’all think???


No party is complete w/out getting your nails painted!!  Tori is trying out her crackle polish on LaLa!!


So what is Tori into these days???  Anything zebra and anything Justice!!


I’m not sure now what we did on Monday and Wed (my days off) last week but my camera said I took these pics of Ryder.  Thank God for pictures!!


Now I’m almost caught up!!


Kimberley said...

yes, i think ryder looks like you. he's getting so big!!!! oh, and happy anniversary!!

Olga said...

Happy anniversary!!