Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend 2012!!

I seriously can’t believe this is my 3rd Mother’s Day!! (I guess technically my 4th).  I love Mother’s Day…I love celebrating my Mother and grandmother and for me…it feels like my birthday!!! So special!!

2009 – Pregnant with Maddox

mothers day 2009 007

2010 – Maddox is almost 1


2011 – Pregnant with Ryder, Maddox is almost 2


2012 – My Boys!!! Almost 1 and 3!!!


Saturday..I worked most of the day. I am so excited that this was my last Saturday in the salon. I work one more Saturday but it is on location for a wedding.  I am hoping we are able to have more family time once I am not working any more Saturdays!! Yay for that!! That evening I went to my Mawmaw’s church for a Mother/Daughter banquet.  Guess who I took with me!!!  MY SON!!  He was the only boy there!! I did dress him in a little bit of pink and my Mom put her necklace on him..ha!  Lets just say he had the eyes of all the ladies on him….young and old!!!


Chris took Maddox and Caine to a tractor pull!  They had a wonderful time but of course I don’t have a picture of that!!


We ate….had a little devotion and played MAMA bingo. We also did a Mother’s Day crossword puzzle…first one to finish won a prize…that is what Joy is doing here!!  We didn’t win…boo!


My precious Mommy… so thankful for her!!!


Laura couldn’t make it so we missed her being there. My Mawmaw is getting ready to turn 87!!! She looks and acts amazing!!!


It was such a pretty evening when me and Ryder got home….perfect lighting for a photo op!!!


This is my favorite picture…probably ever!!!!


Sunday morning I was awakened with breakfast in bed!!!!  Wow!! That was pretty awesome!!  Livermush, eggs, grits, jelly biscuit!!! The best part was little Maddox saying “Happy Mother's Day Mommy…you da bet Mommy ever!”   My day had started out perfect!!!  We went to church and then came home ate leftover pizza, and put the boys down for naps.


Then we headed to Joy and Kevin’s house for our Mother’s Day cookout!!


Harrison and Maddox are six weeks apart in age!  Maddox is so much bigger!!  They are finally old enough to start really playing with each other…so cute!!


Daddy did a great job grilling our steaks!!

Pictures with my boys!!


Maddox and Laura….tickle time!!!

Such a wonderful day!!  I am so thankful to be a Mother!

Also, my prayers are with all the Mother’s who have lost children, trying to have children and for the ones who have lost their Mother’s.  I can’t imagine how hard any of these things are…especially on Mother’s Day.

Psalm 34:18
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

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