Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What We Did Wednesday!!

I had full intentions on getting us all up and ready and going out on a mission for Mother’s Day gifts…but somehow it never happened.  These rainy overcast days make me want to stay at home in my lounge clothes…so that is what we did!!

I did have a to-do list that was lengthy and was able to mark off quite a few things so I still fill like it was a productive day.

Highlights from our day….

I laid Ryder down on this pillow and gave him his bottle.  Usually I still hold him when he takes his bottle but I had to go get Maddox some chocolate milk.  Maddox came into the kitchen and got his milk and went back to the LR.  When I walked I there…he had got himself a pillow too and was copying Ryder! ha! It was cute but  I’m not sure Maddox is going to be the “leader”.  (I’m praying over that) He sure likes to copy his little brother.  Has anyone else seen this with their kids??


Snack time!! They are in sync eating their cookies!!


Cookie mouth!!! The smile was too cute not to post!

Maddox was so funny …he has a monster truck that he rides around the house and somehow the back wheels fell off.  I was able to put the wheels back on and they were good as new…Maddox said “Thank You Mommy….you like Doc McStuffin” .  If you haven’t seen that show it’s about a little girl who fixes broke toys….really cute cartoon…I watched it while I was couch bound this past weekend.  I’m cherishing these days of  “fixing a toy” makes me a Hero in his eyes!

It is so strange but the HFM virus I had obviously has made the bottoms of my feet VERY SORE!  I can’t walk bare footed AT ALL!!  So I had to wear my flip flops around my house all day.  I never wear shoes in the house so it just felt weird…I kept wanting to kick them off!!

Maddox didn’t get a nap today and he didn’t have a meltdown this evening!

We read books and chased each other around the house! Oh it’s the little things that make a day PERFECT!!

Ryder is into EVERYTHING….he tried to climb in the dishwasher while I was loading it!

I sure do LOVE my days off with my boys!!!


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Sounds like such a fun day! And they are too cute laying there with their drinks. :)

I'm Cindi... said... this, Kimmie! What a great day! And I hope you'll be back in your bare feet before long. :) I would have a hard time wearing shoes around my house too.

Jennifer Stiles said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog "Pink Walking Stix"the other day from Kelly's Korner. I actually live in Stanley and work at CMC-Lincoln :) plan to follow your blog and keep in touch