Monday, May 7, 2012

Sick Babies and Praise Report

When I finished up working on Friday, I was so excited for the weekend b/c we had some fun busy plans.  As you all know, when you have kids and they get sick…those plans can quickly change and you end up at home all weekend.  Better yet…you get sick yourself!

Ryder cuddled a lot with Mommy this weekend…bless him

002(grungy hair and no makeup…keeping it real)

Maddox started running a low fever last Wednesday and by Thursday evening…he was a sick boy.  Thank goodness our Pediatrician office has late hours so we were able to make him an appointment to be seen that evening.  Chris ended up taking Maddox and Ryder.  Ryder had been pulling at his ears again and he had just finished up his antibiotic for a double ear infection so were worried his ear infections had not cleared up.  Ryder checked out fine but Maddox on the other hand was diagnosed with this…004

HERPANGINA…doesn’t that sound gross!  It is also known as Hand, Foot and Mouth

Well, by Saturday…Ryder and I had it too!!  I think that the Lord allowed me to get it so I could know how painful it was and have more sympathy and understanding for what my boys were going thru. My boys are troopers because I’ll be honest…MY THROAT HURT BAD….it felt like I was swallowing razor blades.  We also have blisters  on our hands and feet.  Mine itch really bad!

So after missing my niece’s softball game, the visit to Ikea I’ve been wanting to take for months, church and a birthday party…I mustered up enough wellness to still attend the Mother Daughter Banquet at my Mom’s church on Sunday evening! 


My Mom puts the whole banquet together and does an amazing job!!  Have I ever mentioned how talented she is? No?  Well, she is VERY talented!! I just don’t know how she does all she does.



The food table…My Mammaw is the the first in line…and she deserves to be!!


Jennifer and Madeline

Part of the entertainment was a fashion show.  Jennifer is wearing “the plunging neckline dress” and Madeline is wearing the “sun dress”.  The “T” dress won first place and the “double breasted dress” won 2nd (I’m sure you can imagine what that one looked like) ha!


One of my favorite people who also happens to be my Sissy!!!  I’m so blessed!!


Tori drawing names for the door prizes!

Good food, time with my family, devotion, entertainment and door prizes…all made for a great evening at the Mother Daughter banquet!  Not to mention I was so thankful to get out of the house for a few hours!!

Now for the Praise Report…….

Chris and I traveled to Duke today for my follow up MRI and appointment with the neurologist.  I have been praying for complete healing in my body since my stroke and I am almost there!!!  The MRI showed some flaps in my arteries that the radiologist was not completely sure about.  So to be on the safe side…I will stay on the Coumadin and go back to Duke for a CT in one month.  Hey…I can sure handle that.  The most important thing is….I AM HEALING.  The MRI did not show any new tears in my arteries so I am Praising God!!!  Also, the blockage in my right vertebral artery that caused the stroke was dissolved!!!  This was an answered prayer!!  The Dr’s had said I would be OK even if it didn’t dissolve  but that is not what I wanted….I wanted all my arteries to be clear and by his hands…they are!! To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!  I know I have so many people praying for me and I am so thankful for that…there is POWER IN PRAYER!!!

Whatever you are believing God for today….remember…Our God is Faithful!!!

Also..I want to throw in that I had a fun day with my hubby!  It felt like we had a whole day to ourselves to be on a date (minus the dr appts)!  We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, enjoyed some frozen yogurt for lunch and ate supper at Olive Garden….and even got some yummy dessert!!! It’s nice to have time to catch up with each other without all the interruptions we normally have with the kiddos. It was a great day!


I'm Cindi... said...

Awww...bless your hearts!! I hope you and the boys are feeling MUCH better, Kimmie. Girl, I thought Parker had HFM back in Sept. while we were in the process of moving (gotta love that good timing), but it was Roseola instead. And I'm so, so happy about the awesome MRI results. Yay!! And to top it all off, you had a great day with your hubs...God is DEFINITELY GOOD!!! :)

Lauren Borquez said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from Kelly's Korner. Feel free to follow me as well..I'm the mommy of two boys also! :)