Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ryder is 11 Months!!

Ryder…you are 11 months old today!!!  Holy Moly!!!  One month away from a year!!!  Time please slow down!!!

So what are you up to???

You weigh around 24 lbs, size 12-18 months clothes, size 3 diapers and size 4 shoe.


You have started doing lots of new things this past month.  You are into absolutely EVERYTHING!!  Keeps us on our toes!!  You are clapping your hands, waving hey and bye bye, giving us 5, and you are starting to jabber mamamama!!  YAY!!  It’s not a regular sound yet but I have heard you say it!!  You have mastered climbing and today I found you on the 8th step of our stairs….oops!!! GATE TIME!!


You look so cute in hats but I put this hat on you at least 700 50 times and you just yank it right off.  Not sure it’s worth all the trouble but I’m glad I got a few decent pics of it on you!


You are not eating much baby food anymore and you still only have 2 teeth so trying to figure out what to feed you is sometimes a challenge!!  You love livermush and yogurt!!


I have noticed you are really starting to understand things that we say to you.  Blows my mind that you are already catching on to so much!!


You are still a Mommy’s Boy!!! 


You love to swing, play with trucks, watch brother, climb, and explore everything…we call you Dennis (the menace)!  You love to climb into brothers chair and stand up in it….you have even figured out how to get down from the couch w/out diving head first!  You love for us to chase you!  Anytime you hear music…you start dancing!!066

You and brother are starting to interact so much more!!  He likes to try and wrestle you and you usually start fussing.  He can also make you laugh a lot!!


Some days you nap good and others not so much. 


You have your fussy moments here and there!!  You have been trying to cut teeth forever and I think your gums are driving you crazy!!  You have battled double ear infections and hand foot and mouth virus this past month.  Poor baby!!  You handled it all like a trooper….the DR said you obviously have a very high pain tolerance. 


You are getting to the stage of throwing things….I’ve noticed you trying to throw toys…especially balls and you love throwing your food and cup off the high chair.


You are still crawling everywhere…no walking yet.  You pull up on everything and move around holding on to the couch or other furniture but you have no interest in holding my hands and trying to walk….you just make your legs go limp when I try.  That is totally fine with me….I’m in no hurry!!

I’m going to savor this last 4 weeks of you being 0 years!!!  I am excited about your birthday party though…I am in full planning mode!!

Ryder, you just can’t imagine how much you are loved!  We are pretty much eat up with you!!  You have brought an abundance of Joy to our lives and we Thank God Everyday for you!!

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Anna & Kirby said...

Gosh I can't believe it's almost a year already! Such a cutie :)