Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Memorial Weekend!!

We have had a super busy weekend!!  It all started Friday evening after I got off work.  Our friends PT and Jocelyn had us over and we had a fun time hanging out!!  I went straight from work so I didn’t have my camera…no pics!! (But sometimes it’s nice not to worry about it!)

Saturday was a full day of wedding!!!  I have done this beautiful bride’s hair since she was in middle school!!!  That makes me feel so old!!  Katie is a gorgeous girl and made a stunning bride!!!  I did hair that morning and afternoon then came home…. got my date and went back to the wedding!!


She used all these fun bright colors for her decorations!! Perfect summer wedding!!


It was so fun having a date night with Chris…even though he is not a fan of going to weddings!!  He took one for the team!!

Sunday we had our Sunday usual…church and then Moose’s!!  Maddox always wants to go eat there after church and Chris and I definitely don’t mind!!  I always eat way too much but it usually fills me up for the rest of the day!! My Mom and Dad came in while we were there so we scooted our chairs over and we all got to eat together!!

Later that evening we played at the playground near our house!!



Chris played too!!



Today we headed to Carowinds!!  My Mom got us season passes for Christmas so we decided to start breaking them in!!!  I took this pic of Ryder b/c it is a milestone pic…he is facing forward!!!!




We rode the sky tower first and Maddox acted very nervous about it…as it was going up…he had had a grip on Chris’s shorts saying…down, down.  So after that ride we weren’t sure how he would do riding the other rides.  We came up on the little kid swings first and to our surprise, he hoped right on.  photo4

Ryder riding the balloon ride!!


He just took everything in!!


The new ride!!! It’s a swing!!  A very high swing!!


It felt funny letting Maddox drive me!!


These boats are probably the most boring ride at the park but when your little boy wants to ride them…you hop right on!!! And ring the bell!!! And act really excited about it!!!



After we left Carowinds…we stopped at an overlook for the airport and watched planes take off and land!!  To our surprise our good church friends Melissa, Jordan and Harrison were there too!! Great minds think alike!!



Forget all the big planes…we want to play in the dirt and gravel!! ha!  They got filthy!!


I know I’ve mention before that God has worked miracles in little Harrison.  He is having surgery on May 31st at Duke hospital.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I know I will be posting an update on him soon that he is 100% healed….b/c I know who my God is!!! Isaiah 53:5


Look at Maddox’s head!!!  We had to strip him down just to keep our car somewhat clean!! 


Maddox is the same color of his shorts!! ha!

We have had a fabulous weekend!!  I’ve loved having Chris at home with us today and having so much fun family time!!  Priceless!!

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