Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Fourth of July….and Fifth of July!!

We had a fabulous 4th!! There were a lot of first on the fourth!!  Maddox caught his first fish and he and Ryder went on their first boat rides!! Maddox wouldn’t touch the fish but Ryder didn’t seem to mind it!


Poor Ryder didn’t feel so well…he was running a low fever.  We think he may be getting ready to cut more teeth.


Fishing with Daddy…this is a monumental moment.


He caught one!!!  Maddox’s First Fish!!!


Going for a boat ride on Chad and Becky’s new Moomba!!  Love the boat!!


Maddox LOVED riding on the boat!!  He just laughed and giggled!!


My hottie hubby!!


We had to go out on the boat in between thunderstorms!! 


This is the water slide at Chad and Becky’s!!  It is so much fun.  I marked the top of the slide and the bottom.  I think it is over 80 feet long and you fly down it!  Me and Maddox went down it on Saturday!!


The boys knocked out on the way home!!


I love that his cheek is laying on the life jacket!!


I was so excited to wake board and wake surf!!  I don’t know that I have done either one since having the boys.  I sure have missed it!!  I am paying the price today b/c my muscles are getting really sore!  You work muscles you don’t know you have!!



Today we had a play date with Bonnie and Kali at Carowinds!!  It was super hot out today but we had so much fun! 



Maddox and Kali get along so good!!




Bonnie rode these pirate ships with Maddox and she said he was loving them!!!

This little kiddie coaster is always a big hit with Maddox and Kali loved it too!!  They got to keep riding it over and over b/c no one else was in line!!



I left Ryder with my Mom and I sure missed him!!! Have I ever said how much I love my boys??

It’s been a great 4th and 5th…now back to work on the 6th!!!

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Casey Martinez said...

wow! I can't believe how long you can keep your balance wake surfing! I'm truly impressed!! Have you been doing that for years? So great to see that you guys are doing well and you look fantastic momma!