Monday, July 2, 2012

Kicking off Fourth of July!! Our Weekend!!

Yay!  One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner!!  I LOVE the 4th!!  No stress holiday, just good food, family time at the lake and fireworks defines this day for us!!

Saturday we headed to my cousins house at the lake for a cookout and fireworks show.  My cousin Becky and her husband Chad go in with friends and buy a ton of fireworks and then invite everyone they know to come watch them!  I have to say they do a pretty impressive show!!


For those that follow me on twitter and instagram…you’re going to see some repeat pics.  Before the lake…I tried my hardest to get this little man to take a nap.  I rocked him for an hour but the 20 minute power nap he had in the car was apparently all he needed for the day.  I am going to have to start planning my day better.  Note to self…Don’t be in the car anywhere close to nap time!!!


My Mom made these super yummy red velvet cupcakes!!!


Getting ready to jump in the lake and cool off…it was so hot!!


Maddox is in a cupcake daze!!


All that water and Maddox would rather play in the sand with the dump trucks and tractors!!



Look Mom….I found a cheese ball!!!


Okay, I have to admit…I was like a kid myself getting to do sparklers.  I don’t think I have ever done one before!!! Crazy I know!!  My Mom told me I have but I just don’t remember.


Daddy and Ryder waiting on the show to start!!!


Maddox was so excited watching the fireworks!!! He was so sweet…he would just laugh!!! He started saying “wow”  and all the people around him that heard him chimed in with him…it was cute!!!  Ryder was a little scared at first…he held on to me tight and buried his head into my shoulder, after a while he got used to them!!


At church Sunday morning…Mark and Ryder were matching…too cute!!

Sunday evening we enjoyed hanging out with  some friends and a little swimming!!


Ryders second pool experience.  My Mom took him the first time so this is the first pictures I have.


Maddox is so much braver this year.  He will actually paddle around by himself instead of keeping a death grip on me!!


Wake up Maddox!!


And that brings us to Monday…oh sweet Monday!!! Let’s just say this was one of “those” Mondays!  Yes…you know the ones!!  I’ll explain later.


Just letting it be known!!


I broke out the color wonder finger paint and this is the masterpiece Maddox created!  I’m not so sure me or him know how to use the finger paints…any suggestions??  He just dug his finger into it and wiped it on the paper!!  It didn’t come with any directions….was I supposed to water it down or anything??


Ryder climbing the mountain of laundry on our couch!!!  I did get it folded eventually!!


I made these today b/c I needed them to get thru the day!!


This is the usual mess that stays in my kitchen…I really don’t know why I pick all this up 500 20 times a day, I guess to get exercise!! 

So just to keep it real b/c I know that every Mom out there can relate…today was not an easy day.  Maddox was testy, Ryder was into everything and made a bunch of messes, (including Pop Tart in the carpet), he had the poops A LOT!!  Maddox pee peed a little in his underwear and shorts after he was dressed.  Maddox was mean to Ryder. I got Ryder to sleep and Maddox started hollering “trash truck Mommy” and woke him up…and you know how Ryder likes his power naps…so of course he wouldn’t go back to sleep.  Oh wait…he did go back to sleep when Maddox woke up from his nap!! ha!  So much for napping together.  After the nap shifts we headed out for some errands, when I got to the first store, I realized I forgot the diaper bag that had my wallet and all their snacks…and we were 35 minutes from home!!!  So much for that trip!!!  We did go ahead and go in Old Navy, it went pretty well except I was the Mom that was probably getting talked about b/c my 3 year old thought the store was a playground!!  Also, Chris had to work late and didn’t get home until after I got them to bed!!! Did I mention that I cleaned up a LOT of messes??Whew….yeah….one of those days.  But, ya know…I have to say….it still was a great day!!!  It’s life….and I LOVE life!!!!

Thanks for listening!! Hope you all have a GREAT week!!  Happy 4th of July!!!  What are you doing for the 4th??


Laura Taylor said...

Thanks for including that AWESOME picture of me!!!!! :) NOT!

Our Little Fam said...

Super cute pictures!!! Looks and sounds like a great time!

Kimberley said...

i cannot get over how big ryder is! or maddox for that matter!! they are both so handsome!!

sorry you had a bad day. i'm right there with ya!! i know i don't usually post the 'ugly' days on my blog, but i wanted you to know you are not alone!

Kimberley said...
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