Monday, July 23, 2012

Come On and Ride That Monster and Fire Truck!!!!

I am really starting to slack on my Blog …once a week has been the going record lately.  I have so many ideas pop into my head during the week on things I want to blog about but I never write them down or take time the time to write them…I want to do better!!

First off…Life according to Instagram…in random order!!


Maddox showing his farmer’s tan!!

Saturday night we took the boys to the Tractor Pull!!!  I felt like a true BOY MOM and I loved it!!!


So while we were watching the tractor pull…in the distance we saw a Big Monster Truck!!  Of course Maddox got excited but I felt the kid in me getting pretty excited too.  It was out in a field of dirt doing donuts when all of a sudden we realized…PEOPLE WERE ON IT!!  I said to Chris, “That couldn’t be to safe!  What if it flips over!” . So during intermission I went and found where you sign up for this adventure and the next thing I know…2 of my boys are taking a ride themselves!!! (Safety First)  Maddox’s dream come true!!


Look at that face…that is the look of Monster Truck Heaven!!


I spy Maddox!!


Out is the field doing the donuts!!


That is one happy boy!!  We had such a fun evening!!

Sunday was Zaynes 3rd Birthday Party and the Lincolnton Fire Department!!




The cute birthday boy!!! Zayne!!


Me and Ryder got to ride in the back and Chris and Maddox got to ride in the front!!!  Maddox even got to where the headphones and listen to the fireman talking!!


We have about 20 pics of this right here..and out of the 20..neither of them are looking at the same time!!  It cracks me up how Maddox was holding on to brother!!


The fireman showing the boys how to turn the lights and the siren on!!


Can you tell he hogged this little vehilcle!!

Sunday evening our sweet church friends Melissa and Jordan had us over for supper!!  We had a super yummy meal, the boys (men included) had a fun time playing t- ball in the street and a great time hanging out!!


Melissa and Jordan’s neighbor taking the boys for a ride in the wagon!!


Nothing like a freeze pop on a hot muggy NC evening!!


Harrison is just one of the most precious little boys I know!!  He had a surgery at the end of May and he is doing so good!! Melissa posted a video of him saying his abc’s the other day and It was just amazing!! It gave me goose bumps!!  The dr’s had said when he was a baby that he would probably never talk and 4 years later…he is talking and is getting closer and closer to being able to have his trach removed!! God is Great!!


Harrison wanted to hold Ryder!! So sweet!!


Ryder giving Harrison a bye kiss!!! Precious Boys!!

Thank you God for another great weekend spent making memories with my family and friends!! 


Olga said...

Hey lady!!! Looks like you guys are doing great!! You look gorgeous as usual! I cant believe how fast time flies your little ones arent so little.

Heather said...

that is awesome!!! can you believe i'm from texas and never been to a tractor pull?!? We're expecting our first in a few weeks, and i'm really excited to be a "boy mom"!

heather from

Joy Hallman said...

You actually know the fireman in the picture with Maddox. I guess you didn't remember him and he didn't recognize you.