Monday, July 30, 2012

Lemons, Rides and A Trip Down the Stairs!!

Have I said how much I LOVE having Saturday’s off??  No…well, I LOVE having Saturdays off…. A LOT!!!  It has changed my life!!  Fridays feel like Fridays again and I feel like I get to spend more time with my kids and hubby!!  I am not in the least bit anymore productive but that was not my goal…it was all about quality time with my boys!!  As a matter of fact, I think I give up on being productive until my boys go off to college…ha!

Saturday night we went to Surf and Turf to celebrate Mawmaw Carrigans birthday!!  We were so excited that Grandma Nora and Aunt Jean came too!!  Maddox and Ryder loved eating lemons!!



Sunday after church we met LaLa and Nate at Carowinds!!  Maddox was beside himself to have them there!!


I enjoyed having them there too.  They rode all the rides with Maddox and I didn’t have to end up with motion sickness!!


Maddox introduced them to his pal Snoopy!!


Gosh I could just eat him up!!!18

Ryder was all smiles on the carrousel!!


Loved getting to spend time with my Sissy!!



Me and Ryder are in number 9 and Nate and Maddox are in number 10!


The new windcatcher ride!!


Maddox watching Daddy and LaLa swing to the top!!


Ryder taking a snack break!!


This was the first time Maddox has ever rode the scrambler!!  It is one of the few rides that is not in the kid section that he was tall enough to ride!!  He laughed the whole time!!


Today was just a busy day of errands and I went to the salon and did my Mommy’s hair.  Maddox started vacation Bible School tonight at my Mom’s church…he loved it!!  While he was and Ryder did a little baking



I leave you with this story…Saturday night…Me, Ryder and Maddox were going up the stairs….Me and Ryder got to the top and just as we did I turned to look at Maddox and somehow he lost his balance and went tumbling and rolling backwards down the stairs.  I was frantic to say the least and just started hollering for Chris to help get to him.  I think it scared Maddox but otherwise he was not hurt at all.  Me on the other hand, my body was just paralyzed from fear…it took me awhile for my body to quit shaking.  It was a nasty fall!! After we all calmed down….Maddox said ‘I’m OK…God Saved me”.  In a moment like that is when I truly know the meaning of  “warmed my heart”.  It is also a moment like that I feel like…we must be doing something right!!  Out of all the things I want to teach my children, the most important is….How Great is Our God!!!

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The Sinclairs said...

Wow - "God Saved Me." What powerful words! That gave me chills. How precious - yes, you are definitely doing lots of things right!