Monday, July 9, 2012

Taylor’s Splash Party and Maddox has a Big Boy Bed!!!

We had such a fun weekend!!  It started out Saturday morning at Taylor’s Birthday Party.  It was at the new Splash Pad at the Y.  Such a cute and fun party!!  It’s hard to believe our babies are now ONE!!


I felt honored that Andrea asked me to make the banner!!


Ok…so I am not ready for my baby to start walking but at times like this…I wish he could….he is ruining all his swim shorts crawling around on the pavement y’all!


The birthday boy and his Sweets!


Getting ready to blow out his candle!!


Look at Maddox’s hat!!  It likes the icing too!!


Maddox and his buddy Kali!!_MG_6636IMG_6638

After the party, the rest of the day was devoted to getting Maddox into his big boy bed!! When we bought his crib, we bought one that converted to a toddler and full size bed.  I honestly cannot believe that we have already converted it to the full size!!  Thankfully, we were still able to order the bed rails that go with the bed.  The rails came in on Friday so we bought the mattress Saturday and Chris put it together.  It’s not complete yet b/c he doesn’t have any bedding yet…I ordered that on Saturday too!!  He LOVES it and slept great!!  He had been asking to take naps in our bed so he was somewhat use to sleeping in a bigger bed.



Ryder making one of the many messes he can make in a day!!


So I was in a dilemma on Sundays. Ryder was getting to hard to wrangle during church and I just couldn’t take him to nursery and leave him yet.  So once preaching started, I usually would have to go sit in the cry room with Ryder.  Well, this past Sunday was the straw that broke the camels back!  Ryder was crawling behind the couch in the cry room and found a dead bug and put it in his mouth!!! ugghhh!  How can putting another babies slobbery toy in his mouth in nursery be any worse???  So, I took him to nursery. I DID IT!! Yay me!! Of course he did fine…he loves playing!!


Maddox is on the back of the high chair laying on his brother….smashing his face into his pasta!  Brotherly Love!!


Not sure who he is saluting!!


We ate lunch with the Ratliff’s on Sunday!!  Maddox and Elynd have so much fun together!!



Party in Maddox’s new bed!!


We were outside playing this evening and Maddox went and set down beside of Ryder and said “take our picture Mommy”…those words are music to my ears!!  Then he tried to help Ryder…too sweet!!



Tonight at dinner, I was feeding Ryder and he kept trying to grab my fork…so Chris got him a baby fork and he started feeding himself!!  I was so impressed and yet a little sad at the same time.  He is becoming more and more independent…my babies are growing up!

So many firsts!!

Hope everyone has a super and blessed week!!!


Our Little Fam said...

Looks like so much fun! They are both so very cute, love the pictures of them together.

I'm Cindi... said...

Love this, Kimmie!! Yep, I totally understand that feeling of being ready for them to get off of the floor/pavement. The tops of Parker's shoes were mangled by the time he started walking!! Argh!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

I totally feel ya about ruining the swim shorts...I don't want L to be walking yet either but he is scuffing up all his shoes and tearing up all the knees in his shorts because he crawls on the pavement and stuff!!