Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Randoms on Wednesday!!

After a long day at home with the boys…

They are in bed….

And I am enjoying this….


I love some OIKOS greek yogurt!!  Key Lime is so yummy and especially with a few mini Oreos!!  I know that combination from when I worked at a yogurt shop when I was 16!! 

And to make this Mommy alone time even better I am catching up on


I am starting to have my favorites!!  I have always been a fan of Janelle and Dan and out of the newbies I think I willl be pulling for Frank and maybe Ashley…she seems to be a little ditsy so I usually pull for an underdog!! (this statement subject to change)

2012-07-25 002

Ryder is getting better and better at his walking!!! He is walking about 50% of the time now…it is so cute!!  He is stilll really wobbly!!  He also has a few new obsessions.  One being hats and another being wipes.  I mean..who needs toys when you have wipes!  Seriously, he loves to have a wipe in his hand and he will just carry it around with him….and when he gets tired of it….he has a shredding party!!  I LOVE wipe confetti all over my floor!!  I also heard a new word today when I was wrestling him to change his diapers and I told him to “stop” wiggling….he told me back….”top”. Too funny.


And Maddox got some cooking lessons today.  He wanted chicken nuggets for breakfast.  I usually cannot get the boy to eat anything for breakfast so I was just excited that he wanted food that wasn’t junk (kinda)! ha!  He also wanted to make them himself so he took Microwave 101 and then later for lunch he practiced his new skills a little more by cooking his Kid Cuisine Pizza!!  He loved getting to do it….oh the little things!!

Hope yall are having a great week!!  Be Blessed!!


Anna & Kirby said...

What an awesome snack idea! Of course, the boys are cuter than ever ;)

I'm Cindi... said...

I love me some Big Brother too, Kimmie! Huge Ian fan right here. :) Love, love the pics of the boys!!