Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back Yard Fun and Our Wednesday!

On Monday we were outside playing and Maddox decided he wanted to play in the water…so we did.  I stripped him down and let him play!!  We played in the hose pipe, the turtle pool and the water table!!  His facial expressions were cracking me up!!!

2012-08-27 001

Ryder doesn’t care for the water as much.  He hates being splashed or sprinkled so he doesn’t like the hose pipe sprinkler. (he gets that from me…I don’t like being splashed)


This little dude got filthy!!  I ended up giving early baths that night!!


Today was so busy!

One of the highlights was the lunch date at Cook Out with my little cuties!!


Mom kept the boys while they napped so I could go to my coumadin appointment.  When I got back to my Mom’s to pick them up Maddox was still sleeping and Ryder was playing outside! He loves being outside!!301

This evening when I was cooking supper..the boys wanted up on the counter!!  They were so happy sitting up there!! They just played with all the baby spoons and bananas and watched me.  I think I will start setting them up there from now on!


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