Monday, August 6, 2012



  • Ryder is a full time walker!!! It is adorable!!
  • Maddox has been calling Ryder…Ryde…Too bad his shirt is spelled with an I


  • We went to the library for story time and checked out some books for the first time!!
  • Ryder Bear loved Pooh Bear!!
  • Maddox picked out all tractor books to check out!!


  • Maddox wants everything Ryder touches.  Ryder got in the cozy truck so Maddox decided he wanted in it too!! Tight squeeze and I don’t think Ryder was enjoying it!!


  • Saturday was Harrison’s Birthday Party. I took Maddox and Chris stayed home with Ryder…QT with my big boy!! It was a train themed party at Cherryville Country Club.  Maddox loved the train ride…the conductor was a hoot!! He was slinging us all over the place.  It was like a ride at Carowinds….seriously!


  • His cute hat was one of the party favors!!


  • We got our train ride in and this picture taken right before it came a rain shower!!


  • I cut 2 inches off my hair before I went!!  I was desperate and thankful it turned out good!! Crazy I work in a salon and don’t have time to get my own hair done!!


  • The cute little birthday boy!!

Saturday night we

  • went to eat at Moes and then Stowe Park in Belmont with Andrea, Shep and Taylor!!  They were showing Cars 2 in the park starting at 8:30 but our little guys just weren’t going to be able to hang….but we had fun watching them play on the playground and enjoyed some ice cream.  Just a fun summer evening with good friends!!


I barely caught this pic…it came out of nowhere…Maddox leans over, grabs Ryder by the cheeks and gives him a big kiss!!!  He can be the sweetest Big Bro at times!!!  Made my heart so happy!!

  • I think Ryder is starting to cut more teeth….uggghhhh!!  His nose has been a water faucet lately and he is clingier than usual!
  • Today we enjoyed our morning outside playing!!


  • Maddox is training for the Olympics!
  • He loves watching the Olympics…I have been loving it too!!


  • He makes me laugh all the time.  He put all his equipment together like this and said….”I’m having a birthday party”…and then it hit me that we had all of Uncle Kevin’s equipment sitting out at his party.  I’m so glad his party left an impression on him!!
  • His imagination is GROWING!!


  • Ryder loved sliding down the slide on his belly!!
  • Really Mom???
  • Have a blessed week!!!

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Summer said...

Love love love your navy blue necklace with the yellow shirt! Where did you get it? Those boys are so cute! I can't believe Ryder is all over the place walking. Colton is cruising furniture but that's all, ha!

Ryan and Colton do the same thing - Colton wants everything Ryan has, I think it drives Ryan nuts! haha!