Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer is Winding Down!!

We had another laid back weekend (meaning we didn’t have somewhere to be 24/7).  I got to do what I love most and that is spend lots of time with my boys!!!


Ryder is now 14 months.  I need to start back doing monthly post!!  He is just so sweet and cuddly!!! He gives me kisses all the time and I could just melt with every one!!  Chris says he is mean but I just don’t see it. Ha!  He probably just sees him trying to defend himself from Big Brother!!!  See picture below!!


This is a constant thing at our house.  Maddox likes to tackle, push, wrestle and hollar at Ryder.  I know that boys will be boys but I just pray that it is all with LOVE!!!  Ryder don’t have a choice but to get tough!!!

Maddox says and does the cutest things lately.  I need to start jotting them down as soon as they happen b/c by the time I sit down to do my blog….my Mommy brain can’t think of them.  But one that does come to mind happened Friday night.  Chris was at the football game and me and the boys were enjoying some Mexican food that I brought home.  Something was brought up about the “tractor” song…so I downloaded Jason Aldeans Big Green Tractor to my phone and let Maddox listen to it.  He just held my phone looking at it and had the biggest smile on his face…then he looked at me and giggled a little and said “I like this song” .  It was just the cutest little moment….one that I definitely want to bottle up.  He has been trying to sing it all weekend long.  I need to get him on video for sure!!


This pic sums up our Saturday morning!! Washing tricycles, reaching for planes, and getting filthy!!!  I love being a BOY MOM!!


Saturday evening we went to the Gaffney Outlets.  I need to go there a lot more often!!  I had way to much fun the couple hours we were there!  `


We got brave at 8:30 and decided to eat at Olive Garden.  This decision had the potential to be a total disaster!!!  Ryder usually goes to bed by 9!!  Thankfully, the boys did GREAT!!  I was so proud of them!!



Ryder LOVES dogs.  One of the cutest thins is when we are in the car and turn on the DVD player….there are 2 dogs that come up on the screen.  Ryder gets so excited!!  I love to look in the rear view mirror just to watch his face!


Last night we weighed Maddox and he topped out at 45.2!!  He is rock solid!!! 


I bought him some jeans at the Gap Outlet and I think we are going to have a problem….he has a bubble butt!!  Can you see the extra room above his butt?  They were tight tight across his butt!!  If we bought the next size up they would be way too long.  I guess it’s time for me to go on a search for the perfect jean for him!

This is the last week of our Summer schedule!! Maddox starts preschool next Monday.  He will got on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  No more sleeping in for us!!

Hope you all had a great Monday!  Have a blessed week!!

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Kimberley said...

your boys are so cute!! and getting so so big!! maddox weighs 5 lbs less than jacob!! and we think he's big! ha! :)