Monday, August 27, 2012

Maddox’s First Day of 3 Year Old Preschool Class!

3 year old class??? Really??  Sometimes it blows my mind at how quickly the last 3 years have gone by.


The morning went well, all except Maddox decided he wanted to eat a bowl of cereal and spilled milk all over him.  I touched up the pictures so the big wet spots didn’t show up as much!_MG_7133_MG_7134

His backpack is from last year.  It has held up so well and still looks great so I didn’t buy him a new one.


My handsome boy!!


Ryder wanted in on all the picture fun!!!!

His first day went great!!

I’m so glad he loves going to school!  Hopefully he always will!!

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Kimberley said...

sweet boy! so big!!