Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Maddox is Three!!

Yesterday was a very special day…my oldest baby turned THREE!!!

Right before I sat down to blog this…I saw one of the cutest things ever!!  Chris has started the Insanity fitness program and was in the garage doing it.  He had a little sidekick…Maddox….in just his underwear!  He was trying his best to copy everything his Daddy did!!  It was truly a smile breaking site!!  It just makes me think how wonderful this time of our life is…when our kids want to be just like us and copy everything we do and say…I just want to bottle it up!!

Just wanted to record that cute little moment.

For Maddox’s birthday we went to Carowinds!!!   We had such a fun time.  Maddox really impressed me….he rode everything he was big enough to ride and cried b/c he couldn’t ride the really big rides!!  He was fearless!!!

Another blessed photo...a by passer offered to take it!!!056058059065

Me and the birthday boy!!!


View from the sky tower!!  I had the honor of riding the Intimidator with Tori for her first time!!  She is one brave girl!!! 


Maddox meets Snoopy!!


Maddox and Ryder meet Lucy!!


Charlie Brown tickling Ryder’s toes!!


Maddox got a little aggravated at Linus b/c he took Maddox’s hat off and was teasing him with it, acting like he wasn’t going to give it back.  It just about did Maddox in…he didn’t want much to do with the characters after that!


One last hug for Charlie Brown!!


Getting ready to ride the biggest ride in the kiddy section!!  Aunt Jay Jay had the honors of riding with him!!


This was a small roller coaster and he rode it by himself about 6 times.  There was no one else in line so the attendant just let them keep riding!! I rode it the first time with him and then he wanted to ride by himself…such a big boy!!


HIs cake doesn’t look to bad considering it was disassembled, saran wrapped, foiled, stuffed in the freezer, frozen and thawed out!!


sweet brothers!!


Love this face!!!


Opening his present from Ryder!!  He has had a ball with these water guns already!!


Lately, he randomly tells me throughout the day, “you da best mommy”, and my heart just bubbles over every time!!


Last but not least….here is the park photo I bought of Maddox’s first roller coaster experience!!! I Dye!!! This face is priceless!!  Aunt Jay Jay had to ride it with him b/c even though it is a kid roller coaster…it jerks.  I am steering away from any rides that jerk you around b/c of my neck.  It is still healing and it’s just not worth the risk.


This was just a perfect day!!! I had such a wonderful weekend getting to celebrate all my family. Ryder on Saturday, Chris, My Dad and FIL on Sunday and Maddox on Monday!!

Happy Birthday Maddox!!! You mean the world to us and we love you to the moon and back!!

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Kimberley said...

what a fun day! i want to meet charlie brown! :) that roller coaster looks way too high/scary for me!! no way jose! i got a little teary eyed at the pic with maddox hugging you :) sweet boy! last picture made me laugh!!