Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!! A Look Back to 2010!

Wow…what an Awesome year 2010 has been!!!  I can’t believe it has already come and gone.  I can truly say it has been one of the best years of my life.  Being a Mom is just an amazing experience that I’m so excited about doubling in 2011!  My heart will just overflow for sure!!  I know it will be tough at times but the joy that a child brings completely out weighs those trying moments. 

Here is a quick look back to 2010

January…Maddox got his first haircut by Papaw!!  We went to a few of Caine’s Upward Basketball games and enjoyed a slower pace this month after all the busyness of Christmas.  I love that he still looked so chunky and didn’t have much hair (even though he had enough to get his first haircut.)




February…such a sweet time!


March…we celebrated my 31st birthday and Chris’s 33rd birthday!! We also got to take a fun weekend trip to the mountains with some special friends!


April….Easter was so much fun…I loved dressing you in your white chinos and white newsboy hat!!

338381Family Shoot-30

Your professional photo shoot!!


I decided to play church softball!


May….Mother’s Day was like having another birthday…I felt so special.  I love being a Mom!!







June…we had lots of Birthdays to celebrate.  My Mawmaw turned 85, Laura turned 25 and Maddox turned ONE!!!  I was so excited about celebrating his birthday!!  He also had his first visit to Carowinds!!  June was the most fun month of the year!!IMG_3200



Maddox’s first time in the pool!!


July…we celebrated the 4th of July at the lake with lots of family!  Maddox got to witness his first big fireworks show!  We also took a nice family vacation to Oak Island!





August….Maddox enjoyed hanging out with our neighbors Jordan and Breanna in the evenings.  My sweet friend Andrea celebrated her Bachelorette Party this month! We went on another Carowinds adventure and Lincolnton Wolves Football Began!!!!







Our friends Kevin and Melinda welcomed their baby girl Karsyn into the world and we got to see our first photo of what we would look like as a family of four….little did we know it wouldn’t be long before finding out we would be adding on!!

In September, my good friend Andrea got MARRIED!!! Yay!!  Now she is Prego  and we are just 1 week apart!!  This was such exciting news!!!



Maddox walking into Monkey Joes for the first time!


October was a very eventful month!! Chris and I celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary, we found out the exciting news of BABY #2, took Maddox to the Pumpkin Patch and enjoyed Halloween with our little Scooby!! My mom and my sisters went out together to celebrate Joy’s Birthday.  I always love our girl family time! I helped give my good friend Keleigh a Baby Shower and then a few weeks later….Baby Elynd was ready to make her debut early.  We are so excited for our friends Chase and Keleigh on their baby girl!




IMG_5722IMG_5732 copyIMG_5809IMG_5951



November was a crazy month!  I am short on pictures for November.  The wonderful world of pregnancy queasiness hit me this month along with 2 salon changes.  I would still say I was blessed and highly favored in the month of November but I would choose not to experience another month like that one for a long time!! ha!  Maddox got his new Gamecocks chair from Mawmaw and Papaw Carrigan and we also got to start breaking our GREAT news to family and friends!!




December….consisted of great Christmas Parties spread throughout the month with family and friends. My Mom, Dad and Nephew Caine all had birthdays this month as well.

I’m not going to post pictures since I have recently blogged most of them.  Maddox turned 18 months and we are just soaking up all of his cuteness!  It’s amazing how much he has grown and changed over the last year!  I’m looking forward to the next 6 months of being able to give him all of my attention and savoring all the precious moments of life!! 


Kimberley said...

GREAT post! Love the softball picture ;) Love the theme for Maddox's birthday! I may have to steal that for Levi's first (6/23). :) Congrats on 11yrs of marriage--that's great! Oh, and didn't realize Maddox was such a chunky baby! So so cute!!!!!!!! :)

p.s. are you finding out what baby #2 is? can't wait!

The Broome's said...

Wow, how time goes by so quikly. Hard to belive that 2010 has passed but many more special memories to make with your new arrival. The pictures on this post are so sweet. Happy New!

amywelborn said...

Awe, that little Maddox has changed so much over the year! What a DOLL!!!!

Casey Martinez said...

Wow! What an amazing post! Beautiful pictures, great stories and memories! Isn't it amazing how much our babies grow in a single year. And you have lots of change coming this year! Happy New Year to you blogging friend!

Summer and Matt said...

Thanks so much for the comment Kimmie! Maddox is so cute!!! So neat that our boys are so close in age and we are both expecting #2 right around the same time. Pretty cool! Are ya'll finding out what you are having?

We just got a new nikon D7000 and I love it. We had a Nikon D70 before and I thought it was nice until we got this camera. I love it so far and very happy with it!