Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Battle of the Hats and Fun with Friends!!

On Saturday night my family got together at my sisters for one of my Moma’s famous Lasagna dinners!  I just can’t tell you how good my Moma’s lasagna is…it’s amazing!!  Anyway…we have a split family when it comes to the college teams we pull for.  Half pull for Duke and the rest of us pull for Carolina.  Chris is a SC Gamecock fan but he pulls for NC too.  Here are some cute pics my nephew took of everyone battling over who they think Maddox should pull for!!

But first…here is Maddox getting messy with a cupcake!!


You can see what Tori thinks about Duke!!





On Sunday night…we got together with some special friends from church.  We had so much fun holding babies, eating pizza and having good girl chats.  We even got to play a quick game of catch phrase!!


This is our Pastor’s son Brayden…he is 4 months and just a cutie pie!!!


Remember Baby Elynd….she is almost 3 months now and she is such a little doll baby!!  We call her Maddox’s future wife!!


And here is my little flasher boy…he had a thing that night about pulling up his shirt.  I went to take his picture and said, “smile Maddox” and then he flashed me!  It was too funny at the time but we are having to not laugh about it anymore because he continued to do it and it stretches out his shirts.  ( I know…don’t sweat the small stuff)


My beautiful friends Jocelyn (Brayden’s Mom) and Keleigh (Elynd’s Mom)!

It was a great weekend!  They just go by too fast!!

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Kirby and Anna said...

love the pics!

Small word... I went to high school with Jocelyn! :)