Monday, January 10, 2011

Here comes the SNOW!!

Yes…..MORE SNOW for NC!!!  Oh how I love a snowy day!!  We got about 6 inches.  The big question is…What did Maddox think about it and did he have fun playing in it?  Well….unfortunately Maddox woke up with a 102 degree fever.   Poor little thing has just not felt good all day.  So we decided it would be best not to let him go out into the cold snow.  Before I give more details of our snowy day…I’m going to back up to Saturday.

Saturday, I worked half the day and that evening my parents came over and we all went to eat fish!! Chris has been really wanting some fish so we got to satisfy his craving.  Here is Maddox and my Dad while we were waiting to be seated.

Maddox adores his Papaw!!


Lemons, Tomatoes, and French Fries…that’s what a toddler eats at a fish camp….(my toddler anyway)



Sunday, Maddox woke up with a terrible cough so Chris and I decided that I should stay home from church with him.  We ate a great lunch with Chris’ Mom and Dad, Aunt, Grandma and some cousins.  Later Chris made a Wal-Mart run for some last minute snow sundries.  He picked up some Vicks vapor rub and Maddox loved smelling it!  It was too funny!IMG_6853

Now back to our snow day!  We started off our day with my famous…chocolate chip pancakes!!!  Yummy!!! 



Here is Maddox digging into our snack dish…he’s always looking for suckers and candy!  You can see his rosy cheeks from his fever.


I made some chicken corn chowder soup for lunch.  My Mom and Dad came over for a little visit and then we headed out for a drive to look at the beautiful white blanketed scenery!!  My little sister texted us while we were out and wanted us to come by her house.  We got to play the Playstation 3 Move which was really fun and she served us up some scrumptious steak fajitas!!!  We had to head back home kind of early because they were calling for a lot of ice.  The roads were not great but the Tahoe trucked us home safe and sound!!!


Chris is off work again tomorrow due to the weather and I’m going to go in late and try to get some clients done so I don’t get behind!!  I wish I could just take the whole day off but when you work for yourself…you gotta do what you gotta do!!

Hope everyone had a Great Weekend!!


Casey Martinez said...

Not to creep you out but, did we already establish that we are both in NC? How far are you from the Raleigh area? I haven't looked out my window's still dark. My little one gets up SO early but, I'm betting it is more icy where I am than snowy. Hope you get to enjoy some!

kimmie said...
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