Monday, January 31, 2011

Maddox’s First Day at Mother’s Morning Out!!!

Today was a very special day for Maddox and Me!!  It was his first day at Mother’s Morning Out!  We decided to get him started in the program b/c we are planning on starting him in the 2 year old preschool class in August….and since the MMO is one of the programs at the preschool, we figured it would get him in line for one of the spots and also get him comfortable to going.  Maddox did great and so did I.  Maddox just walked right in and started playing…..he loves being around other kids.

I did my Mom and Sisters hair while he was at “school”!  I picked him up at 12 and then went back to the salon to finish up my Mom’s hair.  We then all went to eat some good ole Bar B Que King, ran some errands (the dreaded grocery store) and when we got back home…..this little fellow was knocked out!!!  I laid him on his changing table to make sure his diaper was ok and he just slept right thru!!  He must have really wore himself out playing!!!


I was a bad Mom and didn’t get ready in enough time to get a pic of him before we left the house….so I had to get some this evening. He was looking so stinkin cute!


After his nap…we had the best evening together!!  We played and laughed and I just soaked up all those special moments we were having together!!!

Today….Maddox was a MOMMY”S BOY!!!!  He even gave me Big Kisses!!!!!


Kimberley said...

him on the changing table is darling! love his shoes! he's stylin! :)

p.s. i used
after you upload a photo, go to the Create tab and there you can add text, symbols, boarders, etc... to you photo. the heart that i used is under 'stickers'. let me know if you have any questions.

Casey Martinez said...

his outfit is adorable and I love the picture of him on the changing table;0. What a cutie pie! Glad he did so well at moms day out! My little one would be screaming her head;9.

Summer and Matt said...

That's so great he did well at MMO! Ryan is going to do Mother's Day Out in the fall. I'm pretty sure we are going to do two days a week! I think it's going to be so good for him and for me. Especially with the new baby it will be great to have that sweet time bonding!