Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maddox…19 Months!!

Maddox!!  How in the world did you get to be 19 Months already?  You are growing up way too fast!

I’m so sad to see your baby days gone but you are so much fun.  At night me and Daddy just sit and watch the things you do and we are so entertained because you just amaze us!!  Your stating to do things that we had no idea you knew how to do. 


You love saying all of the names in our family.   It is so sweet because at night when we are praying with you…you whisper everyone's name in the sweetest little voice.  It’s like you are saying your own special prayer for them!


Your becoming a little climber…you love standing in your chair and climbing up and down on the couch.  Your crib is currently also used as a trampoline…you get some pretty good air in it!!



Your getting so good at working puzzles.  In your 100 words book you can identify most of them when we ask you to point to the picture and you can say some of the words.


Your such a little ham…you love to laugh and pick with Daddy.  You are happy when we entertain you and you do good playing by yourself too.



You still love you some BALL….Football is currently still your favorite word…next to all the family members names.


You are just such a JOY beyond measure and everyday with you is a GIFT!  Thank you for making our life so fulfilled…We love you more than you can ever imagine!


Casey Martinez said...

happy 9 months little buddy! Isn't it just mind boggling how quickly our tiny babies become little children. Oh my...I'm having a hard time with how fast Daisy is growing and yet I love it all at the same time;0.

Kimberley said...

he is so cute! he will seem even bigger once baby #2 is here :)