Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maddox and Daddy…..Snow Memories!!

On Wed morning we finally were able to take Maddox out in the snow.  He was feeling better and didn’t have a fever anymore so we went out bright and early before the sun started to melt the snow away! The snow was covered with a coating of ice so it was really crunchy trying to walk in it!  Maddox of course didn’t care too much for it so he kept leading Chris to the road to walk.  He is just funny about stuff!


Maddox last year!!!




I’m sure it was a ton easier throwing him up a year ago….he weighs so much more now!!



I can’t believe how fast he is growing up….the picture below feels like it was yesterday!!!  I miss those big ole cheeks!!!



I love that this is the view from the right side of our house!! It looks like we live in the mountains….not a neighborhood in the piedmont!

A little baby update…we find our in 11 days what we will be having!  I’m so excited to be planning a Gender Reveal Party!!  I drank a McDonald’s Frappe at about 5 this evening and it has got Baby C kicking!!!  I have felt lots of flutters up until now but I am feeling little movements really good tonight…love love love that feeling! 


Silvy said...

this is the cutest post ever!! i love maddox's expression when you are throwing him in the air and the sign you made for his first snow adventure!!

Kimberley said...

those pictures are great!! so neat to look back and compare!! he is so sweet! i wish we had done a gender reveal party, those are so fun! can't wait to see yours! ;)

amber said...

maddox is sooo cute! i am pretty sure i say that anytime i comment, but he is!! can't wait to find out what you are having and see your gender reveal party. ours was so much fun....hopefully i'll get around to blogging about it soon! i would love to see you soon....maybe grab lunch or go shopping?!? i miss you!

Casey Martinez said...

Love the sign picture and the pictures of DAddy tossing him up in the air!! Beautiful pictures!

Summer and Matt said...

So exciting to find out the baby gender! I want to do a gender reveal party too! We should share ideas. We don't have an ultrasound appointment scheduled yet but hopefully we will schedule it when I go to the dr this week. Any ideas on what you think baby C is?