Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Messy Little Eater who doesn’t like change!!


The other day when I was at the grocery store….I broke down and finally bought the little Kid Cuisine meal.  Maddox loved it and ate almost the whole meal!  I will definitely be buying more of these and they are Super Convenient!! (Just what I need!)IMG_6840

He still likes to eat with his hands some!  As you can see,  he decided to put his hands in his hair!!


Now for the “Maddox doesn’t like change” part.  Maddox got bubble bath and color bath drops in his Christmas stocking.  The other day, I decided to put the bubble bath in his water.  Maddox screamed and would not sit down….it terrified him and he just stood there screaming!  The bubbles were traumatizing to him!  So tonight, I decided that I would try the bath drops.  I figured colored water is way different from bubbled water and maybe he would like it.  I ran his water and let him start playing…I even showed him the tablet before I put it in the water.  Well, lets just say it did not go well at all!!  I think it was more traumatizing than the bubbles!!!  So, we have learned….nothing but normal water for Maddox!!  Crazy..he’s only 18 months and done set in his ways! ha!


It’s been another Blessed Wednesday!!! Hope everyone has enjoyed their day!!


Kimberley said...

cute pictures of maddox!

hang on to those color tablets. jacob refuses to take a bath unless he has blue water! ha!

Summer and Matt said...

Oh how funny! Ryan is a messy eater too. We have done bubbles but haven't tried the color tablets yet!

AbbyS. said...

how funny!
Clark is just the opposite. He has to have bubbles.
That kid of yours is super cute- and I just did some back reading on your blog. CONGRATS on #2!!