Monday, April 30, 2012

Plaid, Planting and Play Date

We had a great weekend and a great Monday!!  It always goes by so fast!!

Just wanted to first post a few pics from the end of last week.  I thought this one was cute of Maddox and Ryder turning the activity tray and the activity table upside down to make chairs!!


An evening in the backyard!!


Sunday, I dressed the boys alike again.  I really LOVE doing that for some reason.  Chris just rolls his eyes but being the awesome husband he is…he lets me do it anyway!  Thank you hubby!!  Have I ever mentioned that it is near impossible to get a pic of these two?  Well…it is real hard!!  Here is a small fraction of all the shots I take…any I’m LUCKY to get just one!!


My personal favorite is the choke hold one!! ha!

Saturday night we went to Lowe’s and did something we have been needing to do for 3 years!!!  We bought some shrubs for this natural area that consist of one Japanese maple, a well cover, electric box and whatever the white post is!  So when we got the boys down for their naps Sunday evening we went to work…(well actually, Chris went to work)!  I am terrible at knowing what to plant but I just started picking up stuff…I hope when everything gets to it’s full growth It looks good…unfortunately we are not completely finished so I will post the “after” picture later!


Ryder haling his ride!!


Hold on Ryder!!  Maddox is behind the wheel!!


Maddox driving Ryder around while Ryder tries to holler at the girls!!


There goes those Carrigan Boys!!

Today has been a super busy day.  One of the highlights from the day was a play date at the park with Andrea and Taylor!


This is just too much cuteness!!


Let me explain this pic!!  Maddox started hollering…”I gotta poo poo Mommy”.  Well, there was no bathroom around so I had to take him to the trees!  After Maddox did his business, I told him to stay put while I went to the car to get wipes….he didn’t listen…He went streaking thru the park!!!!  Can you see me to the left coming after him!!  So glad Andrea captured this hilarious moment!208

Ryder and Taylor enjoyed sucking on sticks and eating mulch!! 


These llittle dudes will probably be walking the next time they play together….tear!

Just for my remembrance…tonight when we got Ryder out of the bath tub and wrapped him in his towel…Maddox said “that a pretty baby”.  It was too cute!!

Have a Blessed Week!!!


Kimberley said...

i am laughing so hard at maddox streaking! so so funny!!!! ryder looks like he has a cigar in that one pic, ha! they are both so cute!

I'm Cindi... said...

Love this, Kimmie!! I have the SAME issue with getting pictures of my two together. It shouldn't be so hard, right?! And it looks like you had a GREAT week. I can't wait to see how the plantings turn out. Most of all, I'm glad you're still alive after the streaking incident. I might have had a mild heart attack. Too funny!!

Sherry Reese said...

Hi, Kimmie from Lexington! I'm Sherry from Charlotte. Nice to "meet" you on here. Those are two cute boys you got there. I have two boys myself...5 and 1. Brothers are just the best, huh? Hope you had a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Wendy McSwain said...

Hi Kimmie! I'm Wendy from NC (Mt. Holly, really). Great to meet you online and see your sweet boys on your blog. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Hi! Here from Kelly's Korner! I am a fellow North Carolina mom. Your little ones are super adorable!!!! So glad you linked up!

Natalie and Daniel said...

Another NC mom here! It will be fun to read your blog knowing you live so close and such a cute family! I am from Hickory just down the road and I have a 3 year old boy and one year old girl.

Stephanie said...

Cute blog!! So glad to come across a blog that is so close. Can't wait to read more. And I have a Maddox too!