Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ryder is ONE!!!!

Saturday June 16th, my little Ryder turned ONE!!!  This has been the fastest year EVER!!!  It blows my mind that his first year has done come and gone.  One thing is for sure…I have enjoyed every second of it.  This little fellow has my heart and the joy he has brought into my life is unspeakable!

This is a pic from last Monday.  He opened his gifts from his party.  Somehow, we didn’t get the gift opening part fit into the party before everyone left. 


Me, Chris and Maddox woke him up singing Happy Birthday to him!!


Maddox giving him a birthday kiss!!


Getting ready to head to the zoo!!


On our way….


Maddox’s boo boo!!  He fell before we left the house and it caused some major drama!!!


Ryder’s new face he makes!!  It cracks me up!!!




We’re ready to see all the animals!!


The penguins were great!!!  We got to watch them get fed!!


Lunch time!!! Sweet Potatoes with apples and french fries!!  Anything goes when it’s your birthday!!IMG_0190IMG_0191IMG_0196IMG_0199


The kangaroos!!


Looking at the giraffes!


Maddox milking a cow!!


A sweet lady asked if we wanted a picture with all of us….it is such a blessing when by passers offer to do that!!


We took a little tour thru Columbia to check out all the Gamecock facilities!!  Chris took me by the baseball field, the stadium and we even stopped at the bookstore!  Ryder was worn out and fell asleep as soon as we got in the car…Bless!!



When we got home…we celebrated with pizza and cake!!  The birthday cake from Maddox and Ryder’s party never got cut.  I don’t know how that happen either!!  We had cupcakes so most everyone that wanted cake ate a cupcake and my Mom had brought another dessert.  So we wrapped each layer up and froze them….we are breaking them out this weekend for their actual birthdays!!


I threw a table display together last minute.  I remember I did this with Maddox when he turned ONE and wanted to do the same for Ryder….even though I’m sure he could care less.


Ryder wouldn’t keep his hat on for anything.  He loved the hat though…he would just laugh at it!!


What a fun memorable day we had celebrating Ryder’s big day!!!  I pray his second year goes by a little slower!!


Kimberley said...

he is not one, i won't believe it! :)

you have such a beautiful family! those boys are little heartbreakers :)

p.s. you know SC and AR play tonight? :)

I'm Cindi... said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!! My oh my how quick the years go. He's absolutely precious! LOVE all the zoo photos and you're so right...anything goes when it comes to birthday breakfast, lunch, and dinner! LOL!