Sunday, June 24, 2012

Come and take a ride on my Big Green Tractor!!

I have just thoroughly enjoyed having Saturdays off.  I can’t believe the difference it has made!!  I feel like I have so much more time with my boys and Chris…that was my goal!!!

Are you on instagram??  I may or may not be becoming addicted!!  Thanks to that app, I have pics to blog from our weekend!!

Saturday morning, we had some fun playtime!


I know I have tweeted before that I would LOVE to start a hair blog!!  I have been meaning to share how much I love this product for awhile now.  Redken Powder grip….this stuff is amazing!!  It gives some great volume at the roots!  I seriously don’t think I can fix my hair w/out it anymore!!  Maybe I should do a giveaway!!!  What do you think???


Saturday afternoon, me and the boys went to get ice cream and then went to Andrea’s house.   Chris was doing some plumbing work there so we brought him a cold treat and got to spend some fun time with Andrea, Taylor and Shep!!  Maddox had the time of his life…he got to drive the John Deere Tractor!!! To say he was in heaven is probably an understatement!!  Thanks Shep!!IMG_0289IMG_0292


Ryder got to ride too!!


We went on a trail ride thru the woods and fields on the golf cart!!  Notice the pics below we can’t get the boys to all look at the same time!!


I was excited to break out the boys July 4th clothes!!!  It is just around the corner!!!

This morning was church of course. I have still not taken Ryder to nursery….I know I need to just get over it and let him go…but I’m struggling with it.  The problem is…he is getting impossible to wrangle during church.  We thankfully have a cry room that I can take him to and still hear the message but it is still hard to pay attention even in there. 

Maddox playing with his girlfriend Elynd!!


I LOVE these girls!!!  Deana and Keleigh hold special places in my heart!!  Me and Keleigh were both sporting the side pony this morning….great minds think alike!!! ha!


Kendall and Ryder!!! They were born a couple days apart and now here they are….already 1!!! 

Tonight we watched the Gamecocks play in the CWS Championship game…not happy about the loss but we’ve still got tomorrow night!!! Go Gamecocks!!!

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Bernadine Koster said...

Hello there! Looks like Ryder really enjoyed riding the tractor, and it seems that the three were too engrossed in admiring the golf car they just rode. : ) They look like they’re a handful, but I bet that they’re really smart and good kids.

Bernadine Koster